Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yoga, Crows, Dad and Dogs, and Flowers

Just got back from Yoga class. The instructor is from Quebec and has an accent that is distinctly French Canadian. She speaks in a very gentle manner and has this presence about her that makes one feel really good to be with her for an hour and a half.

She has lots of experience with different techniques and usually mixes them together to create a well balanced class. The class is held in a Buddhist the main shrine room. Just standing in this room, one becomes instantly mesmerized and relaxed. The colours of bright orange, red, green and yellow envelope you upon entry. Only two more classes to go for this session. I think I will sign up again in September.

This morning while we were out for a couple of hours, a crow, which has been around daily this spring, was at the bird bath. He/she left behind a few morsels of food in the water. There are two chicken bones and three pieces of what looks like dry dog food. 

I am pretty sure that there is a nest nearby......the male stands guard most of the day atop an Aspen tree.

 And he has placed this food in the bird bath to soften up for either himself or some young. Smart critters those crows! Saw a 'special' on CBC that said crows are quite intelligent and have evolved into 'family oriented' and socially developed birds. They can do things that scientists thought that only chimpanzees could figuring out puzzles for the first time in order to get food.

Dropped in on Dad this morning to check on him. He was fine and enjoyed the visit with the dogs and got a great kick out of them tugging away at a toy he had for Sophie.

It would be great for him to have a little dog. But he is unable to move about easily and it would be a problem letting it in and out to do it's 'business'. So he will settle for Sophie and her friends.

Things are popping out all over the garden. Ron has a passion for clematis and has a few growing everywhere....into trees, along fences, over rocks and running along the ground. A couple of my favourite are Moonlight and Guernsey Cream. They are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule and look beautiful again this year. Here are a few pics. Enjoy.


  1. That Yoga class sounds nice. Right now, I could go for "relaxed".
    Smart bird, the crow, I have heard they are quite the thieves too? Smart to soften up the dog food!
    Ever thought about and older small dog for your Dad, and a doggy door? Or train to use one of those indoor trainers? I'm sure he would like the company.
    Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. Sharon, you would have to meet my Dad. I think he likes animals 'from a distance' for some reason or other. But I will ask him......he does have long days in between his kids visits. Maybe a bird!?

  3. I did Yoga only once and really enjoyed it...just never signed up for it again. There's a new place that's opened up around here; perhaps I'll give it a try.

    Crows are interesting lot aren't they?

    Clematis...I haven't had luck with. I got one last year but it didn't survive the winter. I think I have too much shade, or something.

  4. that is so interesting about the crow leaving the food in the bird bath.
    I do T'ai Chi & love it, however today I'm not going to class as I'm going to give blood !

  5. We have crows here too.I am sure they have a nest close by.I love them because they keep the chicken hawks run off!

  6. Yoga, hmmmm, I don't think I could sit still long enough. As for me, I fidget and am constantly doing something. Can't sit still for any length of time. You would think I would be skinny as a rail, but sadly, no. lol
    Bringing Sophie and Clancy over to 'play' with your dad must bring him such joy.
    Love the last pics. Wow!!!
    We have quite a few crows here. One of them has learned to sound like a chicken! True!
    As usual, your post has a soothing effect on me. Thank you.

  7. Haven't tried yoga yet -- we keep saying are going to give it a try.

    Love the pic of the dogs doing tug of war, that is terrific!

  8. You know, a bird might just be the thing! A pretty little parakeet, he can even teach it to talk, or it will pick up sounds of his home. Although a couple of canaries might be nice, my Grandmother had them and they would sing all day. When she wanted to shut them up, she threw a towel over the cage. :)


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