Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday...... Well Happy Birthday to You

My fair country, Canada, is 143 years old today! I have the flag up out front....I really do. I put it up for a few days before July 1st.

I started doing this a few years back. Don't actually know why. I'm not an extreme nationalist or anything. I am usually the first to admit when my country/government does something really stupid.

But I guess I do appreciate what we have here in Canada......a diverse population, a somewhat fair approach to all people's rights, and the freedom to express our views (although that wasn't quite obvious at the recent G20 gathering in Toronto).

And, Canada has an incredible varied from coast to coast to coast.

Actually, if the truth be told, I am more a 'provincialist' than a nationalist. I simply love living in Nova Scotia. I figure if it was good enough in 1850 for my great-great grandfather, Theodore, from Paris, France, then it is good enough for me.

I usually have this flag flying for most of the year because of the pride I feel for this Province. Corny maybe, but it is so innate that I can't imagine living anywhere else for any length of time.

I can feel some 'rumblings' coming from my mother's side of the family. She was a MacIsaac/MacDonald from Prince Edward Island via Scotland of course. They were very proud Scots.

On a broken cross shaft found on the island of Texa off Islay is carved what is probably the oldest surviving likeness of a Macdonald. It depicts a typical fourteenth-century Celtic prince, wearing a quilted coat with chain-mail and a conical helmet, and armed with a great sword and a battle-axe. This is the Cross of Ranald, son of John of Islay, Lord of the Isles, by his marriage to Amy Macruari, the heiress to the great Lordship of Garmoran, a vast inheritance of lands between the Great Glen and the Outer Hebrides.
MacDonald of Clanranald Modern Tartan Swatch

I have recently found out, that also on this side of the family, there is a strong Acadian influence (people who originally came from France/Belgium and settled here). 

So, to not only honour Theodore's contribution, but to recognize the Acadian heritage in my family, I fly the Acadian flag as August during Acadian Days.

And there was a Mi'kmaw (founding people of Nova Scotia) g-g-g-g-grandmother on the MacIsaac side. I told you the population is quite diverse! Here is pic of their (Mi'kmaw) flag :

This is my way to celebrate Canada Day.....recognizing all the contributing factors that have gotten me here.


  1. Well written and very interesting. It's nice to know where one's family comes from! Happy Canada Day to You!

  2. Now...if you would, could, should figure out my flags I'd be so appreciative...woof!

  3. Happy Birthday Canada!!!
    There is no doubt you love and adore where you live! :)
    Loved the pics of the differant flags. And of course the history of your family is very interesting.

  4. Oh Canada,
    Our home and native land,
    True patriot love,
    From all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts,
    We've seen thee rise
    The true North
    For 143 years
    Happy Birthday Canada!

    We stand on guard for thee!

  5. I have a funny story about canada day!!!!!!
    will post it tomorrow

  6. I saw it was Canada Day as I turned to July and I thought about you guys and Sophie too. But never did I expect such a display! Great and good for you to be proud of your heritage! And I guess Sophie's flags should be Canada, Labrador, and France. Please tell her Auntie Inger figured it out!!

  7. We tend to forget that these countries were built by immigrants from all over.

  8. Did I know you were Canadian, jabacue?? I guess I did - but I forgot! Well HAPPY CANADA DAY (late). Thanks for visiting my post - and yes, that was clematis, and a very healthy one at that. Greenhouse grown and kept, it's got tons of flowers and no diseases. All the specimens at Longwoods were top grade ... it really was magical. :) Where in CA are ya? You should come to NFalls, NY for our garden walk! :)

  9. Niartist,thanks for invite. If I was in the vicinity, I'd take you up on it. We live in Nova Scotia.
    That climatis is blue!

    Inger, yes, we will start flying Sophie's flags too.

    Erich, great voice!

  10. ok my canada birthday story...

    In 1990 I think, the world student games came to sheffield..... A friend Nu and I went to an evening of "culture" where several of the teams involved organised some sort of musical presentation relating toy their homeland...

    the canadian group was huge....all the students wore red and white tracksuits with huge maple leaves on them....and they did a massive razzmatazz production called "I LOVE CANADA"

    WE HAD TAP[ dancing......multiple flag waving and a chorus that basically kept repeating "oh Canada....I love canada"
    (you get the picture)
    this carried on until the group was practically hysterical with national pride and the final flourish had two girls doing the splits whilst waving their canada flags

    as soon as they had finished
    the slightly stunned sheffield crowd was somewhat silent....but before the applause started one old lady behind us said loudly to her friend

    "where were they from again???

    tee hee

  11. John, That is hysterical!!! Poor old thing....thanks.

  12. how awesome that you can trace your family's origins so far down the line...many of us can't.
    Love how you fly the different flags...
    Happy Canada Day!!!


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