Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Hooked

What a great day at the lake! Everything was, company and a new adventure.

I have always wanted to learn to kayak. And since we live so very close to the water (Atlantic Ocean) we never found the time to give it a try...always so busy. Until today.

Liz, our good friend, called early and offered her kayaks and her expertise. We were ready for this and said YES.

We got there within the hour and made sure the dogs were well exercised. They were not included to come along. They would stay in the house. Sophie will tell you about that, I'm sure.

Got the kayaks out of the shed.

Down to the shore for some instruction. This was my first time in one. Ron had done a little years ago. Liz knew what she was doing.

My first question was: How tippy were they? Not at all, was the reply....whew! That out of the way. In the past I always thought kayakers had to know what to do if it tipped over and your head was under water and everything was up-side-down. No worries we were assured. But we were ready for any tumbles....had on life jackets and planned to stay close to shore at first.

After the basics, there was only one way to learn the 'ropes'. In the water we went.

First thing I noticed was the quietness and the softness of the kayak going through the water....very smooth. I loved it immediately.

We went along the shore for a ways. We were the only ones on the lake and there were a few people on their properties doing their thing. 

For over an hour we roamed around the water and headed back. Ron and I were beginning to feel muscles that we haven't worked in a while. But it felt good.

So glad we did this today. Opened up a whole new venue for us. Much needed I must say and very timely. Will start to look into purchasing a couple.

 Finally using the water that is everywhere in this fair province of ours.

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