Saturday, July 10, 2010

Retro Saturday

Today's retro item is Melmac dishware. Those of you old enough will probably remember these dishes from your childhood.

Okay, what is Melmac? Well, Melmac is a trade name for melamine which is a substance man-made in the 1940's by the American Cyanamid Corporation. It is a hard and tough plastic. And this is precisely why it became so popular in the 50's and 60's in a lot of households. It wouldn't break or chip! 

This set was made in Canada.

My parents saw the advantages of having this for a family of nine kids. I remember the colours of the set we had....pale green and orange. And it lasted forever.

I saw this set in a collectibles shop a few years ago. I liked it immediately...thought it was very kitchy. And the barbecue motif was what 'sold' me.

This is just part of the complete set.

They are in remarkably good stains or discolouration and only a few faint scratches. It was probably not used that often. Some of the plates are still shiny. Melmac can and does stain easily. As well, it scratches with a lot of use from eating utensils.

I don't use this set. It is stored in a dish rack (which is very functional for storage). 

So if you see any Melmac in your travels, I advise to pick it is becoming very collectable.

If it doesn't break, I wonder whatever happened to that old 'family' set? Probably replaced by Corelle dishes.

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