Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tumultuous Thursday

                         Queen Anne's Lace (notice 'drop of blood' in centre)

Read a blog that I follow yesterday and his 'topic' was all the armed conflict in the world today. His point was that his country, the US, is perpetuating this conflict/violence by 'answering' perceived threats with violence.

His point was that this only begets more violence. And I agree. The comments he got in reply, and there were many, was 50/50 insofar as supporting conflict or not.

In some cases he was even called a traitor to his country. This is a fellow who lives very peacefully and tries his best not to contribute to any type of overt negativity in the world.

This is a very 'sticky' issue when it comes to backing that which our country  involves itself. Whether its a war, an environmental issue or a basic human right, what our country supports has a direct effect on us as individuals.

Having grown up, or should I say survived, in the late 60's, I couldn't help but notice and be involved in a lot of political 'activity' (read demonstrations), I came to the conclusion that peaceful, vocal objection is a democratic right we have in this society of ours.

Some people will say that this is a complete waste of time as there is nobody listening and nobody who really cares. I disagree. Ever since we humans began to build 'societies' they (the societies) were and are in a constant state of flux. Everything is always changing, all the whether for the better is the question here.

                       Sophie and Golden Rod at Point Pleasant Park yesterday.

How to get something changed is really up to us. I look at it as evolving into a culture that is 'user friendly' for ALL in that society.  If it wasn't for the demands of the masses throughout history, we wouldn't be where we are today......I know, but there IS a lot of good in the world too. We just have to drag ourselves through all the hyped up negativity out there and see it.

All it takes, as a start, is an email to your ELECTED official, or to a multinational company. And if you feel strongly enough, tell a few friends to do the same thing. Some things in this world of ours are getting out of control and we are the only ones who can affect change. 

Isn't that what it's supposed to be about? Accepting the statis-quo has only lead to a great divide between the haves' and 'have-nots'.

                       Queen Anne's Lace and insect.


  1. DEEP subject, I am not a political person as far as who is right and who is wrong. I have, throughout my life, signed petitions, written letters to State and Federal level senators and representatives and at the most I got a "form" email or "form" letter in return and of course, no response at all. You have to go where the money is, to get anywhere. I do not know anyone there and they sure do not want to know me. I have tried to do what I feel I should, but the simple matter (in my mind, it may not be the same for your mind) is that there have always been wars, there will always be wars, the only people who like wars are those that are going to profit. (Where the money is)

    Lovely Queen Anne's Lace BTW. Good pics!

  2. I did a few anti-war protests myself, back in the '60's. And, I have often hoped that, as we Boomers age, and retire, we would once again have time to turn to trying to make the world a better place. I doubt if I will ever march in a protest again, but you're right; a letter to a correctly placed politician can only do good. We ordinary people have to let those in power know that we are watching and that we are aware of what is being done.

    You know, I don't know why it took me so long to find this blog. It's every bit as nice as Sophie's.

  3. Lovely pics. I have an opinion about that subject, but it's complicated. Too so to share here. But I do have an award for you.


  4. It always seems that the loudest gets to rule everything. There are millions of us out here that are not so loud. But we vote. The best thing we can do is vote.
    I believe that someone running for any office gets there based on what he or she believes. Once elected, their personal beliefs are thrown out. They are then representing the people. If they don't, the people will elect someone else next time.
    So let them know what is important to you. Be the loudest, quietly in an email or a phone call. And get your friends to do the same.

  5. Wow, what a post today! Definite serious.
    Sadly, there is always going to be war.
    But we can voice our thoughts and beliefs. We can contact our elected officials. Key word being "elected".
    You can bet I contact officials and let them know what I am concerned about. As a matter of fact there is an on going issue concerning our Mustangs that I wrote my state governor. He actually responded! Although I did not agree with his response, I will not be voting for him! And I have informed others who live in this state who believe in the same thing about our Mustangs and they will not be voting for him either.
    Sorry, got off track there.
    One voice becomes many! Better to use your voice than be a sheep and follow quietly and do nothing.
    Oh, the 60's sure were something else!!! Bet those years has a lot to do with how we turned out. :)
    Again, great post today!!!

  6. If people don't try to change things, then they can't complain at waht a disturbed world they live in. It does count if individuals try to voice an opinion. SO often people will say, well what difference will one person make, but if everyone joined in it would do! I totally agree with you. Susie x

  7. If I were at my computer instead of having to use this darn iPhone I'd do more commenting since this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I'm a 60's hippie who is still proudly liberal. I live in Mississippi so I am constantly assaulted with the stupid and the uninformed. I'm also the only white person with an Obama sticker on her car--I did meet a few other honkies who were going to vote for him but they were afraid to put on the stickers. And this is a democracy? I've had a couple people give me the finger though but as long as they're not shooting at me I don't care. I find the American Friends(Quakers) to be an example of how to live and believe. Wow! I did pretty good for tapping with one finger! Great post and it generated some super comments!!

  8. Beautiful Queen Anne lace.

    This is so difficult - I don't want to get into politics here but I did have to discuss with my 14 year old son about sometimes having to step in where an country is in dire need of help. My son is so Black & white ( right & wrong )... our soldiers should not be fighting some one else's war.

    I then listed some of the baic human rights some people are denied & the atocities suffered and he thought about it with a more open mind.

    What I love is that we can discuss things as a family - I worry about kids & adults who have such a blinkered, uninformed approach to things.

  9. Great comments all!! Power to the bloggers!!!!!

  10. What a great commentary and a very grave subject.
    This is an area which stirs/upsets my soul a great deal. . . I also have learned, for me, that I need to work to channel the anger and frustration I feel in my gut. While vitally important I do not want this to become the dominant force within me. I do try to channel that energy into positive things I can do: like eliminating the violence which might happen/arise from my gut: for THAT IS an area I CAN do something about directly.

    Why I really am writing this is to tell you how much I like the photo of the Queen Anne Lace! That and dandelions are among my favorite flowers! ;-) The photo shows the delicacy and simplicity of a strong weed! ;-)

    The Lace is a good symbol for my struggle with our wars policy. . or lack thereof. . .and the driving force behind it.

    Really like your blog and photos. Totally elegant in marvelous simplicity and directness.

    Thanks, Jim.

    justin o'shea


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