Saturday, July 3, 2010

Retro Saturday

I'm going to 'shake' it up a bit today and focus on a collection we've been gathering for a while.

It's a collection of kitchen shakers.....for everything under the sun.....from flour to paprika.

They were produced in the 30's, 40's and 50's mostly by the McKee Glass Company in the US. They were made of milk glass. It appears that from here the shakers were bought by a company called Tipp Novelty Company of Tipp City, Ohio. This company decorated the shakers.

Some we use in the those above. Others are packed away.

Some have red caps, some have yellow caps.

Some have scenes on them.

One is all by itself.

A couple have decorations all the way around (the rust was free).

Some have bright red cherries.

These two are filled with flowers?

This solo one has a molded design.

Roosters reign!!

Told ya!

And this independent fella.

Mix and match.....

A tiskit, a taskit .....

Nasturtiums and berries.


And last and certainly not least......

Scotties with two garden motifs.

These shakers were lots of fun to collect. We still keep our eyes open for ones we don't have....but they are harder to find lately.

Tipp shakers are so usable and very sturdy to have around the kitchen. 

Hope you all enjoyed looking at these. Now, get out and see if you can find some.


  1. Very cool collection! I especially like the rooster ones!

  2. Love the roosters. What started as a joke, has resulted in everyone we know giving us rooster stuff for our kitchen. We now have over 200 rooster items and counting. Some are very old and valuable. Others not so much.
    Something like this would be an amazing find. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for them.
    Very witty today... I like it.

  3. You have way too many cool things.

  4. I love your collection! How fun to go searching the antique and junk shops for new pieces!

  5. I'm looking, I'm looking...I have to do my fair share around here!! :-)

  6. Great collection, don't believe I ever saw a flour shaker the same size as the salt and pepper ones! Great finds!

  7. I love these! I don't think I ever gave them much mind when I've come across them before, but now I see the charm. I think the flower baskets would have to be my favorite, but the scotties are a really close second. Lovely!

    I would love to have a flour shaker for when I roll out my breads. I use a parmesan cheese shaker right now, but is nowhere near as cute! I'm inspired now.

  8. Hello! Nice to meet you. I love them all, wish I collected something other than junk! xxx

  9. I like the moulded one best !!!

  10. how cool! I love anything that resembles an old milk bottle.
    My favorite have to be the scotties. Adorable.


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