Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Company's Coming.........

Been busy with company lately.....yesterday, Ron's cousins from Ottawa (Canada's capital) and Halifax. Today my niece and her friend from Edmonton, Alberta.

People always want to go to the beach when they get here.......can't blame them since they don't have one near by their place.

So off to the beach/river we went. They soaked up the ambiance as much as they could and didn't want to leave. The weather was perfect.....a warm breeze and lots of sun. The tide was low so there was plenty of room to roam.

After all this fresh air we built up an appetite.......so off to the local Irish Pub, since all but two of us were Irish . We stuffed our faces.

Today we'll hit another beach with the next bunch. It is the first time for one of them to the coast! Sophie will break them in, I'm sure.

For more of Sophie's adventures check out her blog, yes her's :  http://fromsophiesview.bolgspot.com
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