Friday, May 4, 2012

Horsin' Around!

On Tuesday we were invited by our friend Mary (from Country Critter Sitters fame) to go to the Annapolis Valley (about 100 km) and visit the stable where she boards her horse.

She picked the three of us up (Sophie was included) at 10 A.M and 
away we went.

Before we got to Rolling Hills Stables to check in on Mary's horse, Topaz, we went to the canal to walk the dogs.

It was definitely a 'photo shoot' for us humans and a sniffing jamboree for the dogs.

This is one of Mary's dogs, Coco. He is a great dog who has a mind of his own, thank you very much! And he proceeded to sniff to his heart's delight!

 Ron was in his 'element' as well....not to mention that his hometown of Wolfville was just on the other side of the hill (we don't have mountains in Nova Scotia).

And Sophie was beyond herself...this being one of her 'top three' places in the WORLD!

The path along the canal is about a kilometre long and we had a good walk. 

On the way back to the car Ron had a ' nature call' 

and he hysterically told us what happened as can be seen in these photos.

He said Sophie wanted to join him (as they are attached at the hip) but she got quickly distracted by something in the bush 

and she went to 'investigate' within sight-range of Ron.

He could see what she was standing over and getting ready to roll on....a dead Porcupine carcass!

What could he do? He was 'busy'! He let out a scream/yell to distract her (which we heard up on the path) and which I think startled her away from the animal enough for Ron to 'finish up' business and go get her. 

Not to mention the rusted barbed-wire fence he didn't see in the process of getting her and into which he got caught!

Mary and I were keeling over with laughter....along with Ron!

This was a good start to our day!

Meanwhile back in the canal, Coco was doing what he loved to do.


(I just realized that this post could be very long! Something like Mark used to do before 'he saw the light'! lol  So it will be divided into two parts and the next 'chapter' will be posted on Saturday.)

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