Saturday, May 5, 2012

Horsin' Around....part two

Okay, now let's get to the stables where Mary has her horse, Topaz.

Before leaving the canal and heading to Rolling Hills Stables, we saw this truck crossing the canal.

 As soon as we got there we saw Mary's horse, Topaz.

Her trainer arrived to get Topaz to put her through her paces.

Mary watches as the trainer takes Topaz around the ring.

Not being a 'horse person' by any stretch, I assumed Topaz was being lead through the different paces that horses can learn to do.

 This is the Gaspereau Valley in the background where vineyards are quickly replacing fruit orchards. It is a beautiful area of the province.

"You guys look like 'city-slickers'....I need a close-up view ."

"Yep! You are that!"

                                                There were probably 25 or so horses here.

I really wish I had the knowledge to identify each of these horses.

All I know is that I appreciated their size, beauty and strength.

Ron's foot appeared to be a 'hit' with this guy!

And this one couldn't get over to the fence quick enough to check us out!

Here is a shot of the indoor arena which was very large.

Just look at their colour!

And their eyes!

Gentle giants......

And some with 'bangs'!

 Still with that 'wild'  mustang look!

'What's all the fuss about  and why couldn't I come along on the tour?'

I have learned over the years to stick with what I can handle!

The End.

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