Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Green Canoe

Maybe those sweets above will 'draw you in' for a moment or two!

It was Mother's Day and we were heading to our new favourite cafe for lunch.

This cafe has been open for a few weeks now and it is only 15 minutes from home!

Not only that but it is owned and operated by my sister's 'in law' and friend Susan.

We had heard through Paula, my sister, that Susan was opening up a cafe in Porter's Lake.
And you may have seen already that it is called The Green Canoe Cafe, after Susan's daughter, Sarah, who paddled competitively and nationally and her canoe just so happened to be green.

It being our third time there I wanted to try something 'new'.

I already had the BEST fish cakes and beans around these parts, so I decided on the 'Turkey/Green Apple Panini'.

Ron likes the fishcakes and beans so much he ordered them again.

The cafe is small and cozy and filled with the aromas of all the freshly baked foods that Susan makes daily.

 My panini came along with a bowl of 'squash/carrot/apple' soup....both were to DIE FOR!

Every lunch selection comes with Susan's freshly baked brown bread....which Ron thought tasted exactly like his mom's.

Maybe you can tell that we really like this place and what Susan prepares here.

And since we do eat out two to three times a week, it is so good to know that there is a place near us now and we don't have to go to Halifax every time.

I know you saw those two desserts above and really didn't hear a word I was saying, that's OK, I understand. Those wonderful looking 'things' in the first photo are 'Strawberry Rhubarb Busters'! We did find the 'room' for those after our meal.
The second dessert we took home with us....a Bread Pudding which was delicious too.

Susan not only bakes and cooks like nobody's business, she also these cushions (we have one my sister gave us) and lady's hand bags. I think there is nothing this gal can't do! We really hope that Susan's new venture is successful.

I'd like you all to meet Susan (right) and her mother, Mary, who was giving Susan a hand for the day, which just happened to be Mother's Day. How good was that!

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