Friday, May 18, 2012

A Gift To Myself

                                Early May 2012

Last summer I received a gift certificate from my 'school team'.

        A week later.

It was a small token to recognize my 'retirement' from teaching.

                                 Last week.

I decided to buy over 100 tulip bulbs and plant them in the garden.

So in October of last year I cleared out an overgrown bed and started planting the bulbs.

        This week.

I wanted all one colour but waited too long to purchase them, so I bought two varieties.

One was 'Ile de France'  and the other 'Canadian Liberator'.

                                  Ile de France

I wasn't sure if they would match and had to wait till this week to see.

I turned out alright with one being a more orange red....the 'Canadian Liberator'.

I am happy with how they turned out and they brighten up the northwest corner of the garden.

Every time I go by them I will remember the time I spent as a teacher.

It's funny, since my 'retirement' I have learned a lot from our garden.

I have learned to sit, look around me and listen

                                   Canadian Liberator 

to what the garden is teaching me.

         17 May 2012

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