Monday, May 14, 2012

Contemplative Monday

"Discipline is important.

When we sit down to meditate,

we are encouraged to stick to the technique

and be faithful to the instruction,

but within that container of discipline,

why do we have to be so harsh?

Do we meditate because we "should"?

How we regard what arises in mediation

is training for how we regard what arises in the rest of our lives.

So the challenge is how to develop compassion

right along with clear seeing,

how to train in lightening up and cheering up

rather than becoming more guilt-ridden and miserable."

The above quote was written by Pema Chodron and was taken from her HEART ADVICE: Weekly Quotes by Pema Chodron.


The photos are two tulips that I brought in the house after they were found broken and laying on the ground. They opened up in the house after a few days.

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