Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Swimming Lesson

'Your first don't be scared.

I 'll stay right here and keep an eye out.

There, coast is clear, so let's get started.

Now put your head down and feel the water.'

'That was different! It felt weird!

Whoops! I slipped!

But I am floating!!!

What the heck! Here goes! Where did I go?

 What just happened?!

Think I better get back on the rock.'

'Now flap your wings and see what happens.'

'There! That was strange!

I just have to do this again! I like it under here......

Now I have to breathe......

That's enough breathing! I'm liking this!

Going down!

I'm thinking I could live here forever.

Maybe I could be a fish!

I really think I would be a good fish!

What did you think Mommy?'

 'Well, the lesson was over 10 minutes ago! (This never gets easier.)

And besides, it's suppertime!'

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