Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up In The Air

Took a break yesterday while at Martinique Beach. Sat against  the dune and looked straight out to sea.

Sophie was busy next to me digging a hole to China.

She was content. Ron was way down the beach 'clicking away'. I sat back and tried to empty my mind by listening to the wind, the waves and looking up at the sky.

You know what? It worked.


  1. Saltwater Therapy

    I could not live or be very long far from salt water

    particularly the smell of low tide

    The upright form of this therapy involves slowly walking and looking down. Intersperse occasional stoop and bend to check for treasure.

  2. love this jim! sophie looks like she is having a blast!!! jill

  3. I love an endless sky! The sky over the ocean is as deep as the water and you have some beautiful pictures. I hope to get some pictures tomorrow when storms roll through. The weather meterologists are saying they will be severe. I'll post some storm shots soon.

  4. Wow! You had a mini-vacation.

  5. I don't have to look up at the sky to feel mindless. I know, I'm "special" that way.
    Love the photos.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. There's nothing like losing yourself in the endless sky, and consigning your troubles to it.

  7. I feel serenity just looking at your post...THANKS for that--I have to go to work today and I'm just dreading it...

  8. Great way to spend a day!!! If I stand on my head for a few minutes and open the hatch--no problem emptying the old beano!!! loved the message--we all need to do some de-cluttering of the mind!!

  9. .....You got carried away by the soft white clouds...the crispclearfreshsaltyenergizing sea breeze.....!!!

    MAGNIFIQUE the beach of MARTINIQUE....; truly a spectacle of magic nature!!

    You were relaxing and dreaming but I know you took a walk along the splashing waves; Ron took fabulous pics of your cool and tranquil steps in the sand...!!!!

    I am convinced a few hours in this energizing wonderful place of the world, mind and soul are
    profoundly refreshed and well.............!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jim!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  10. i wish i was there cuz i agree whichew, nothing like being by water to clear the mind and calm the soul. i could live on a beach easily... water has always been my element... i'll bet anything i was a dolphin in another life... i bet thats why i dont like sushi, too... thats all i lived on as a dolphin...

  11. It's great that you could notice such a serene sky amounst all the noise of the ocean. Both are very beautiful. Yet so much contrast going on.
    I can do that downtown Toronto and feel such peace with all the city wizzing by me. It's a gift that we must share.

  12. Now I need to go to the beach. I remember how you can let go while sitting next to the ocean, listening to the waves and watching the clouds go by.--Inger

  13. cloud watching jim
    my favourite pastime

  14. Crashing waves and floating clouds...I am so with you! By the way,how far to China did Sophie get???
    Missed you too while I was away for a bit!

  15. Sophie had to have been one happy pup digging like that! :O)... I wonder why sitting and looking at the sky is so relaxing, but it always is.

  16. Those are some wonderfully blue skies!

  17. Love the sky shots. Such intense blues.


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