Friday, April 22, 2011

It Really Is A Good Friday

We got some good news yesterday from my father's doctor. After looking at the latest test, an ultrasound, he indicated that the pancreas was not inflamed anymore and that Dad could probably be home by Monday.

It was such good news. Dad did the best he could by trying to eat some of his first 'real' meal in four days. 

                   Marilyn with one of the great staff, and me.
It is nice to have him back. Now let's get back to where we were.

Sister Marilyn, me and brother Laurie.

Thanks Ron for being here.

Some of my family at dinner: Adam (future nephew -in-law), brother Laurie, SIL Lynda, moi, sister Mim, niece Brynn, sister Paula, brother Dennis, brother Fred, sister Marilyn, husband Ron, and niece Meghan.


  1. It's amazing to me how the power of a family's love and the effect on a ill person plus faith. I had your family close in my thoughts last night hoping your dad was going to get better. What a relief. Hope ya'll have a wonderful and happy Easter.

    Take care,
    Mal & Family

  2. Yay!!!! That is wonderful news!!! Doing a happy dance!
    And I am sure all those beautiful smiles from everyone sure did help!
    Love the pic of all of you.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. Oh, that's very good news indeed! Now, all of you, have a truly happy Easter together!

  4. What great news!
    Happy Easter.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. what a beautiful , strong family

    you are so fortunate. I hope everyone has a joyous Spring weekend.

  6. Glad to hear such good news on your Dad :O).

  7. That is good news! Hope he continues to improve. With the care that you and Ron give him, I know he'll have someone to keep an eye on him.

  8. SO glad to hear your dad's on the mend. What a beautiful (and large!) family you have!

  9. Good news about pups - lovely family photograph xx

  10. Glad to hear your Dad's on the mend and will soon be back home! Great stuff!

  11. good for dad!!
    good for you all!!
    and Adam is cute...
    (did you really think i'd let that one go by???)

  12. oh i am SOO happy to hear good news about your daddio. prayers have certainly worked for him, this being the season of miracles and all. where's sophie? lol. kiddin.. what a nice bunch of family you have there. lots and lots of love! hugs.

  13. Oh Jim, that's wonderful news.

  14. Good news on 'Good Friday!' I hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend and all continues to go well!! Take care!!

  15. WoW Bro! Such happy Easter-time News. . .it's all about Life. . ..New Life. . ."See, I make all things new. . .can't you see it? It's springing up all around you!"

    And it all gift! Grab it! ;-)

    ciao ciao,

  16. Oh, that really is the best news ever! So very happy to hear this.

  17. Thank you for the update, Jim. I am so, so, so happy that your Pops is all right. Glad to know that he is able to finally come home. Love that family photo!

  18. I believe in the power of family myself. After several of my siblings visited Mom on Thursday, Friday ended up being a Good one for us too. Glad Pop is feeling better!

  19. Yes---it is great to hear the news!!!!! Amazing how these guys have such a strong desire to kick up the dust!!!! Have to admire the grit!!

    Keep it rolling!!!!!!


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