Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ever feel powerless? We all try to some degree to have control of our lives, whether it be the type of job we have or whom we choose to vote for in elections.

I mentioned last week that we in Canada are having an election on May 2nd. This time around I will not be supporting the political party I usually support. I have decided to vote 'strategically' and will be voting for another party.

The whole point of this strategy is to ensure that the present 'ruling' minority government/party will not get re-elected.

I do not agree with their philosophy on any of the issues and am worried what may be implemented by them should they get the majority vote they are so desperately seeking this time.

Am I powerless? Actually I do not think I am. I can vote for whomever I want in order to have the type of country in which to live. As we can see on the news a few countries in north Africa are fighting to have this right to vote for reform and change.

Now if more people here realized the power we have in our 'vote', I think they would look at the issues being presented by the candidates and vote accordingly. I hope the majority think the same way I do this time!

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