Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Here!

Absolutely a beautiful day here today. The temperature got up to 17 degrees Celsius. Not bad for for Nova Scotia this time of year.

After Ron got back from Dad's we headed to Muskquodoboit Harbour, 30 km. east from here. There is a great little bakery called Dobbit's Bakery of which I will post a blog soon.

We picked up a few 'sweets' and a coffee and headed to Martinique Beach which was 15 km. from there.

We spent almost two hours there walking and watching the incredible waves. Ron will post about this beach in the coming days.

Got home around 4 P.M. and it was still warm and sunny......great time to put in a few of the rhododenrons that needed to be transplanted to their 'permanent ' locations.

That done, here I am ready for a snack and a rest. I should mention that the photos in this post were taken by Ron a week or so ago. This little fellow, a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker/ Woodpecker, was busy drinking sap from the tree. Oh my head!

Sure signs of spring all the way around!
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