Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday's Selection

In keeping with yesterday's post, let's make this a completely 'retro' weekend!

I 'grew up' with Simon and Garfunkel. This is a classic and is done solo here by Art Garfunkel.
He does a very nice job.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


  1. I loved it! I have always loved that song. I get so excited to hear your song on Sundays : ) It is always one of my favorite posts of the week! Wishing you a wonderful week! See you on Tuesday at Communal Global.

    Love, Becky

  2. I was a big S & G fan back in the day too. They had such a "new" sound at the time, eh?

  3. That was a blast from the past -haven`t heard that in ages -loved it -thank you !

  4. great choice...I can remember singing this in my parents living room using a hair brush for a microphone..oh yeah, I did!

  5. just ready your last post

    you big hunk of a tom seleck you!
    and ron! all mean a moody against the wall!!!

  6. this was one of my mom's favorites....


    thanx 4 sharing!!

  7. That's one of my favorite songs of theirs!

  8. Awwwww YES! Now you are talking.... Simon and Garfunkel. That song is awesome, and I have just rediscovered 'The only living boy in New York'. Totally anthemic.... aaaah ..... marvellous when played at full blast!


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