Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday's Selection

Today's selection is a piece of music  from the movie 'The Hours'. The composer is Philip Glass.

He can be quite 'avant garde ' in his music and it may take some adjustment at first. But in this piece it is an easy listen. Hope you enjoy it on this bright sunny morning here in Nova Scotia.


  1. That's definitely got the Phillip Glass sound to it. Nice. Although I couldn't figure out why he had the oddly placed wind chimes until I releazed it was from that Kuru link! But then again, knowing Glass, it wouldn't have surprised me.

  2. Perfect Sunday morning music. : )

  3. This was great, both the music and the 'video'. It reminded me of 2006 when I decided to take a picture off of my deck starting in March, every day. The trees started out barren and ended up green and full. It was neat to see... I'll have to dig them up.

  4. Put my headphones on and I love this! I might have to "steal" it and add to my blog music player. :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, Jim.

  5. Lovely way to start the morning. I really enjoyed the music and video.

  6. Beautiful music and I've always been fascinated with time laps photography.

  7. One movie I never got into...don't know why just couldn't. But this piece is pleasing.

  8. that is SO FUC*ING wierd jim
    I was going topick thispiece of music tonight but picked amelie theme instead!
    I love philip glass

  9. Have never heard this before, (I guess that means I've never watched the movie either?;)
    It's lovely. Suited my Sunday.

  10. The time laps photography was outstanding and went with his music beautifully. Nice selection for any day, Jim. I enjoyed it immensely.

    be well and happy,


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