Saturday, April 23, 2011

Retro Saturday

Since it's Easter weekend and my family has been totally preoccupied with our father's health, I wanted to post something that is both 'retro' and relating to Dad.

A couple of weeks ago Dad and I were going through some photo albums he has and we came across this 'picture postcard' booklet.

Dad served in WW2. He was a Staff Sergeant in the Canadian Army. He was stationed in and around London, England for about four years during the war.

He would send 'things' all the time to my mother from the UK. It is not surprising, since they were and are very devout Roman Catholics, that he sent to her these pictures of the 'main' Catholic church in the UK, Westminster Cathedral.

This is even more appropriate, when I come to think about it, as this weekend is one of Christianity's most celebrated occasions.

And speaking of Dad.......he continues to be 'on the mend'. Considering his age, it will take some time for him to feel like he did before this whole thing started last Monday. But as of yesterday evening, his progress is positive and we look forward to his return home.

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