Saturday, April 16, 2011

Retro Saturday

On the way home from Point Pleasant Park yesterday, we dropped into a thrift shop in Dartmouth. It was Ron's first time here and my second.

It is run by a 'food bank' and 'furniture bank' agency and it is much like a 'Sally Ann' shop. All the profits go to the 'food bank' part of the agency.

My brother Laurie had originally told me about this place. The manager recognized me from my first visit and made us feel quite at home.

The place is huge and full of 'knick-knacks', furniture and clothing.

To the china and glassware first.

This was under glass and at the front counter. It is a 'Royal Ruby' ball vase.

The photo doesn't show it's true colour....maybe too much sunlight shining through it.

This little advertising/travel souvenir shooter glass (whew!) is a brilliant cobalt blue and I am a sucker for this colour! 'Killington' is a ski resort town in Vermont.

The colours in this wall-sconce/planter are truly wonderful. They look like Flamingos but I could be wrong.

It was made in Japan and 'Hand Decorated'.

This last item is also a travel souvenir and a wall hanger. 'Triberg' I discovered is in Germany. It looks very Alps-like to me.

So a few finds at this 'our-new-favourite-thrift-shop'..........for now.


  1. you know what?
    me thinks you have too much spare time, and too big a basement to store everything up. but nice to see you got your pix "problem" fixed. love the ruby glass ball!!

  2. I love the wall planter/Flamingo thingy. I also like the wall hanging from Germany. Lots of color here. Love it! In a few weeks we're going to Berlin, Ohio for a few days and I'm hoping to visit one of my favorite antique markets there. It's the biggest and best I've ever seen> It's so huge that there are street names for the different isles... Talk about variety!! Have a good Saturday, Jim.

  3. Well, Saturday already! Where has the time gone? Love the red vase! Yes, I think they are flamingos too.

    Glad you found a "new" place to shop and just plain old look around! More fun!

  4. definately flamingo, total 50's

    Triberg looks great to this nature nut. Black Forest, waterfalls ( thus the water wheel)

  5. Fun finds today Jim!! The 'plague' from Germany really reminds me of of 3-4 my folks bought when they were living in Germany back in the early 60's that are still hanging in my Mom's house today and cobalt blue anything is always a favorite of mine!

    I hope you're having an enjoyable day!!

  6. Just beautiful, Jim! I love your retro Saturdays to see what you bought. It's like a peek into your personality when I see things you just have to have. I like everything I see! And what a great found some treasure!

  7. Thanks for your kind comments.

    I do love glassware with the sun shining through. Lovely reflections.

  8. While I love the ruby vase, I too am a sucker for the cobalt glass. We stayed a couple of times at a bed/breakfast in Saugatuck, MI and they have a collection of all things cobalt in the dining room around the plate rail. The color glistening in the morning light is absolutely gorgeous.


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