Saturday, April 9, 2011

Retro Saturday

I had an hour to kill yesterday afternoon. 

We were in Bedford which is a suburb west of Halifax and about 35 km. from where we live on the Eastern Shore.

Ron had an appointment with an acupuncturist and while he was there I thought I'd go digging around at a couple of 'thrift' shops out that way.

First place was a Salvation Army shop in Sackville. In the past I had always found things of interest. Yesterday, however, was a different story. There were lots of people there for starters and it seemed that everything had been 'picked over.

On the way to the back of the shop I noticed two ceiling-light dome shades. They were molded glass and probably from the 1940's and maybe even the 1930's. I liked the soft yellow/gold colouring and thought they would fit a hall ceiling light fixture at home.

As you can see in this post I purchased them. They were only $3.99 for the pair. 

It was almost time to pick Ron up but before I left the store I quickly looked through the 'books' section. There was one on digital photography which I thought Ron would like, so I brought that up to the cashier along with the shades.

When we got home I was pleased to discover that both shades would fit the hall light fixture. Took off the old one and presto! It worked well.

Not an overly productive 'thrifting' day,  but for one hour it was enjoyable to pick through a lot of retro, by-gone artifacts from the past. 

How about you? Any 'good' finds lately?

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