Saturday, April 9, 2011

Retro Saturday

I had an hour to kill yesterday afternoon. 

We were in Bedford which is a suburb west of Halifax and about 35 km. from where we live on the Eastern Shore.

Ron had an appointment with an acupuncturist and while he was there I thought I'd go digging around at a couple of 'thrift' shops out that way.

First place was a Salvation Army shop in Sackville. In the past I had always found things of interest. Yesterday, however, was a different story. There were lots of people there for starters and it seemed that everything had been 'picked over.

On the way to the back of the shop I noticed two ceiling-light dome shades. They were molded glass and probably from the 1940's and maybe even the 1930's. I liked the soft yellow/gold colouring and thought they would fit a hall ceiling light fixture at home.

As you can see in this post I purchased them. They were only $3.99 for the pair. 

It was almost time to pick Ron up but before I left the store I quickly looked through the 'books' section. There was one on digital photography which I thought Ron would like, so I brought that up to the cashier along with the shades.

When we got home I was pleased to discover that both shades would fit the hall light fixture. Took off the old one and presto! It worked well.

Not an overly productive 'thrifting' day,  but for one hour it was enjoyable to pick through a lot of retro, by-gone artifacts from the past. 

How about you? Any 'good' finds lately?


  1. those are fabulous. Love the buttery gold quality.

    but truth to tell I would probably cored a recess in that balcony rail and mounted them there as you photographed. Love the sun though the shades. Would make an interesting newel topper on a corner

  2. Upupaepops, what a good idea! As a newel, m-m-m got me thinkin'!

  3. No good finds for me, Jim... but these are beautiful!! Spring is here... my favorite time of year, and yards sales will be starting soon. I'm excited about that. Have a good weekend!

  4. I would say that was a VERY productive day. That is a beautiful find!!! Love the lighting.
    (No pun intended;)

  5. Do I ever love those light shades you got! Very nice find! Where I live there are no thrift stores, shocking I know. I live in a very small town. There are some about 45 minutes from me. I keep saying I am going to go see what they have!

    Acupuncture, I get that done as well. I find it one of the most helpful things I have ever had done!

  6. Lovely pair of light globes! I love it when I am able to find good deals.

    I actually went to a neighborhood garage sale this morning and will be posting about my finds on my blog. I did find the neatest retro vase that that is tall and has thin green and blue stripes. Love it.

  7. Absolutely bloody love 'em. In fact I had a lightshade up in my kitchen in London which was VERY similar.

    Anyway, how ccome you can make lampshades look arty? That is a real skill.... those photographs of them were really atmospheric, and I got drawn in by the golden shade and the blue hues and then suddenly thought... hang on a cotton pickin' minute, this is only a lampshade!

    I tell you what, if I am ever in Canada, I will look you up - I can't imagine spending a better day than looking for treasure in thrift shops!

  8. I love the fixtures and would have snapped them up too!! No good finds for me lately--I had a chance this morning to go to a 'barn sale' but with 5 dogs in the van with me, I thought I wouldn't take the chance of having to open the door to get out. :-))

  9. Brilliant find and such a bargain -love it when that happens-I go home happy ! Trying to sell off some of my surplus at the moment-thought I would do a vintage table top sale at my open garden day in May ! have a great weekend x

  10. What a beautiful piece...gosh, what a treasure!

  11. Wow - what superb shots - so golden and mellow! A great find indeed!

  12. That looks so good in its new place - I wouldn't have been able to imagine quite how perfect it is! You did well.

  13. Oh my gosh, I really like those globes. They must cast such a warm glow over everything. No good finds for me, I'm planning on a large yard sale later in the Spring, to start moving some of this stuff along. You should come down and poke around. ;-D

  14. I've been MIA recently, having fun with my sister from Faded Roses blog. I'll post some treasures we found junkin' soon. But, I think I have a match for your beautiful light domes! Mine is from the same era and is of the same style, but is bigger and must hang from a rod in the center. I'll put it on my blog this week for you to see and compare! I am drooling over yours and wish I had the kind of lights in my house where I could mount my shade.


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