Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thai Tuesday

While in Halifax last Friday, and after a long walk in PPP (Point Pleasant Park), we had lunch at Heartwood Cafe.

We have been here on a number of occasions and are usually quite satisfied with the food. We had already tried to get a table before our walk but to no avail. After the walk there were tables from which to choose!

We checked out the 'specials' and decided on the Pad Thai.

We figured since it was pretty cool outside, a dish with 'warmth' will do the trick. While waiting for it to arrive, I had tea and Ron a coffee.

I also noticed some 'art work' on the walls.....

As well, they had locally made pottery.

The food arrived and after a couple of photos, we 'dove in'.

You could definitely taste the ginger and it had an 'after kick' that was very welcome!

It disappeared in no time at all. Would we have dessert? Of course we would! Let's see what they have.

This is what we chose.

I loved the Pumpkin pie and Ron liked the Oatcake.

This place is always a dependable bet with good service, great vegan food which you know is made with fresh and organic ingredients. 

This Cafe is in an area of the city with which Ron and I are very familiar. It is right next door to where we lived back in the 70's when we moved to the city from the Annapolis Valley. 

It is in central Halifax on a very busy 'exit' street. It is a 'main drag' with lots of restaurants and shopping. 

The Heartwood wasn't there then.


  1. mmmmmmm it's all looks yummy! wish i was there, too! are you both vegetarians?

  2. Although you can't tell from me slender profile, I am all about those deserts. Bring them on! One of each maybe.

  3. Stew, oink,oink!

    Chris, No we aren't but probably could be without too much effort.

  4. A gluten free restaurant! Oh, how I would love to have one of those near by me!Me and my son both have to eat gluten free and it would be so wonderful to have a place like that!That is one of the things about living so far out in the country,great restaurants and good shopping are non existent!

  5. I was all ready prepared to say something funny and then I got totally sidetracked when I saw that chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. m.

  6. I would have chosen the pumpkin pie too.

  7. This places looks awesome! I am gluten-free and a vegetarian and wow - love seeing the amazingly delicious looking GF deserts, yum!

    Tamar - linking up w/ community global

  8. Well, this definitely settles it. I'm coming to live with you even if Sarah Palin DOESN'T get elected President--and I'll eat all my meals at this cafe so you won't have to worry about me messing up your kitchen. HA HA! Thai is my #2 favorite after Indian--we went to the Thai Orchid restaurant for my birthday dinner and I had what I always have--yellow curry with tofu over brown rice. Heaven!!!!!

  9. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Thai food, and so usually the only dish I'll eat is Pad Thai, and chicken saute's (sp?) with peanut sauce!! Pumpkin pie, I can eat every day, it's one of my favorites!! I guess what I'm saying is I would have enjoyed lunch with you, if I'd been invited! :-)))

  10. You guys always find the best food spots! I'm guessing you like to eat, right? Looks like a neat place to sit, warm up and enjoy some really good food.

  11. I somehow missed this post Jim! I had also just recently discovered thai food and must say I love it! Curry will never be the same for me! I just had tiramisu for desert ok!

  12. Ohhhh, how delicious looking noodles.....; I certainly would love to taste them too!!!!!!!

    Wonderful photo of the tea pot and the cup; Jim....very very elegant!!!!!!
    I do love indeed the interesting wood-art on the wall too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, it is such a loooong time ago I eat Thai food...I had to fly pretty often to Bangkok and loved the great choice of vegetarian food...mmmhhh!!!!! ( I remember the delicate spring rolls....)
    The pumpkin pie lookes just super inviting.....!!!

    Have a wonderful time and happy easter, Jim!!

    ciao ciao elvira


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