Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Roller Coaster Ride

I got a call from my father at 2 A.M. Monday morning. He said he was in pain and not feeling well at all. I told him I'd be right there.

We live about a 15 minute drive from each other. The roads were vacant that time of night. I turned on CBC radio hoping for music to keep me relaxed.

I got to his house and unlocked the door to find him slumped in his chair and moaning in pain. I approached him and couldn't understand what he was saying. I called 911. They arrived in under 10 minutes.

He was very sick and vomiting. They took his BP and it was very low. An IV was set up and they almost literally squeezed the fluid into him. They suspected he was dehydrated and he started to  respond more appropriately.

After he was stabilized they took him to the hospital in Dartmouth and I followed the ambulance. It was around 2:45 when we got there. It too was very quiet and he got immediate attention from the staff.

I stayed with him till about 11 A.M. My brother and sister arrived earlier and told me to go home. But before I did I wanted to hear what the tests showed. The doctor told us it was pancreatitus, his pancreas was inflammed and causing severe pain.

His 'numbers' from the tests were in the critical zone and we were told to expect the worse. Everyone in the family was called and my brother and sister from Alberta we here within 18 hours.

Dad's first day was very painful for him and for us to watch. This had come 'out of the blue' and just wasn't on anyone's game plan.....particularly Dad's.

Tuesday was a good day for him. He was feeling better and the inflammation had lessened. And his sense of humour had shown signs of returning. 

Yesterday was not a good day and he felt badly all day again. But he started to take in liquids and showed some signs of getting a little stronger. But it has taken a lot out of him.

All these photos were taken last week in heavy fog at the river......they have been 'tweaked' to make Sophie visible.

This morning he has more tests which will hopefully tell us more.

This has been quite a ride for the family but we have all pulled together and shared the 'vigil' of being with him throughout.

At being almost 95 years old we were told that it was amazing that he even survived this. People much younger don't.

So that's what I've been up to and I thank my lucky stars that I have brothers and sisters here to help. I can't imagine doing this solo.

Will keep you posted over the next few days. I do feel optimistic due to his determination and otherwise general good health.

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