Saturday, April 30, 2011

Retro Saturday

Keeping in the spirit of the last few days (months) of 'all things British', and the fact that a lot of Canadians can trace their ancestry back to the United Kingdom, todays post is brought to you by two British artists.

The first is F.Robson. As can be seen in this brief biography, he was a working artist in the early days of the last century and is more noted for his prints than his original works which are mostly family owned and many haven't been found.

I got this print at an auction about 15 years ago. I liked it because it was a 'pen and ink' drawing. The building looks like, to me anyway, a mill of some sort. I liked it when I saw it and it hangs along with the next one I also got at auction.

It is also a 'pen and ink' drawing and titled 'King Charles Tower----Chester'. I looked it up and here is a little background to this location.

It was done by William McAllister Turner who as a painter and an etcher. This is an etching and is signed. Again I liked the subject matter and the medium used. It was difficult to find any biographical information on this artist other than he was born in 1901 and died in 1976.

There is something very simple about 'pen and ink' and 'etchings' that I like.......they are uncluttered and quietly representative of the subject matter. I could have a wall  or a long hallway full of these.

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