Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday's Selection

One of my 'all-time-favourites'! 

We used to play his CD's all the time on Saturday mornings pretty loudly while scurrying around the house or out in the garden......all windows opened. Hey, may start that up again!



  1. Nice song and I liked the lyrics ! have a good Sunday both of you and Sophie !x

  2. I just LOVE Dwight Yoakam and his rockabilly roots sound!

  3. Hi Jim,my internet connection is so slow tonight I cannot watch this,dang,dang! Do you know that here in South Africa we just don't find that kind of Country music in shops. Maybe in the big cities there might be places where you can find it,I should ask my girls to copy some from the internet...What I have seen of Dwight on tv is just wonderful. xoxo Liesl

  4. Had to smile at this! Brings back memories....

  5. I'm still singing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". It's wearing a little thin with the husband.

  6. I love Dwight so much!!!!! That was the BEST thanks. xxx


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