Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday

On a very cold winter's night in the tiny town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, a baby boy was born. This does have a familiar 'ring' to it doesn't it?! lol

It was January 3, 1950 and it was well into the evening. His parents were looking forward to their second child and so was his four year old brother.

Three nights previous his parents were celebrating New Year's Eve at the local Lion's Club hoping a little bit of activity (dancing) would 'encourage' him along!

No way! He waited for three more days.........way too cold 'outside' for him.

When he finally arrived, his parents had decided to call him Ronald after Ronald Coleman, the British actor.

Ronald, the baby, would remain in Wolfville for two more years until his father, a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, was transferred to North Bay, Ontario, Canada. He was training there before going to Korea.

In a very short time Ronald's father was accidentally was called a 'flame out'. His plane crashed.

The family moved back to Wolfville to restart their lives. Ronald and his brother grew up there and eventually attended the local university.

And it was there at the university that I happened to meet Ronald.....Ron, my husband.

Today is his birthday and  he probably would have kept it very quiet. No way! What are husbands for anyway?! But to 'spread the word'! lol

I just want to publicly wish Ron a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!!! He deserves much more attention than he gets!

He is the most generous person I know and has a wicked sense of humour..........always finds the funny side of life. His father was the same way I hear. It would have been very interesting to have both of them in the same room..........contagious laughter!

Here's to you Ron! Have a great day.

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