Saturday, January 22, 2011

Retro Saturday

My youngest brother, Laurie, is a lot like his older brother, me, in that he loves to find and collect things.......especially at a good price!

Laurie phoned me last week and said that he had just bought a number of items at a place I hadn't heard of before. It was called 'Parker Street Furniture Store'. He told me there were two of in Dartmouth and one in Halifax.

They sell more than furniture. It is all used goods from clothing to fridges and of course collectible 'goodies' which I wanted to see.

So off I went to the Dartmouth store. And here are a few of the things I found.

 I was surprised to see Royal Winton anything here. I used to collect these in this colour too and have a few, you guessed it, packed away.

I like the colour of this one and I believe it is missing a lid and was originally a sugar bowl that was part of a 'tea set'.

I saw this dessert/cake server on the way in the store under the front glass-counter. Thought it was stunning and had never seen anything like it. There are no identifying marks on it and I know nothing about it other than it was unusual. Anybody know?

Check out this very 'grandmotherly' shaker set! They are tiny....about 3 inches from spout to handle. The manager showed them to me at the check-out. She said she was going to keep them herself but if I wanted them........OK!

As you can see they were made by the 'Liverpool Rd. Pottery Ltd.' This was a company that purchased blank pieces of china and decorated them.

 The above little (4 inch diameter) dish caught my eye. It looked like it was probably from one of the Scandinavian countries. And when I looked at the back I saw that Denmark was that country.

As you can see it is a wall plate, mind you a very small one.

So I was pretty pleased to have discovered a 'new' place to shop for vintage stuff, thanks to my brother.

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