Thursday, January 6, 2011

Through the Woods

Went to a beach we hadn't been to in a few months yesterday. It's called Conrad's Beach. 'Conrad' is a common surname in this area. They were part of the original settlers.

Instead of heading towards the beach, we took the left-hand path through the woods.

Had a feeling it would be 'rough-going' along the path because of all the rain lately, but due to the freezing temps the past two days, the path was frozen....mostly.

                   Ron managed to get one foot wet!
Being winter, the lichen was very obvious and actually looked like snow at first glance.

Strange looking stuff, this lichen. It is completely covering most of the fallen trees along the path.

All of a sudden Sophie took a path to the right and off she went. She knew that this would get her to her favourite 'summer' beach. Into the river she went! And out so fast I couldn't get a pic of it.

                   Out of the woods to the Lawrencetown River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

So down along the river's edge we went to the main beach. Ron and Sophie were far ahead of me, as I was busy taking photos of things.

Good thing they left footprints behind so I could find them!!

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