Saturday, January 15, 2011

Retro Saturday

A few more retro thingies I 'picked up' over the holidays. When I first saw this fella I thought it was a 'Toby' jug.....mind you a small one.

But upon closer examination, I quickly realized it was nowhere near one of those Doulton jugs. Too bad, I thought. When I looked on the top......

I saw that it was part of a 'salt and pepper' set. By the way, the one with more holes on top is the salt or the pepper? Guess it depends which one you like more of, unless it is marked! I looked on the bottom and discovered that it was 'hand-painted' and probably made in Japan.

I like green glass and when I saw these two little 'jiggers' I thought they would go with what I already have. I don't believe they are 'depression' glass......but they look like they could be because of the 'bands'. There is a 'Depression' Glass pattern called 'Banded'. But who knows?

This 'dessert' plate was probably made in the late 50's, early 60's. I remember them being in every house when I was younger.......desserts were a 'staple' back then!

This plate is in very good condition and was made in England.

This last item may not be very 'retro' or vintage but I liked it immediately because we could use it this summer.

We call this a flower 'frog' and it's used for cut-flowers. This one has a bottom dish as well.

Now close your eyes and imagine this 'frog' filled with these!!! Well, actually you'll have to keep the eyes open in order to see these. lol

cut flower display

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