Friday, January 7, 2011

In For a Snowy Weekend

Corkscrew Witch Hazel.

It's supposed to snow for the next three and on. It started around lunchtime today and we have about 2 cm. down....that's about 1 inch.

Witch Hazel winter buds.

Sophie was beyond herself and wanted one of us to go outside and 'play' with her....immediately! She will give you that look........ the 'I really, really need to get out of here and run around the yard' look.

                  Sophie with her 'tuggy'.

I was the first to surrender to her conniving. So off we went with my camera in tow.

They were big flakes coming down which is always a sign that it will probably turn to rain or a mixture thereof.

                  Colorado Blue Spruce.

Sophie did her thing.......tearing around the yard, and I did mine.....taking pics.


  1. Hiya Jim, I love the photographs, the snow looks so delicate on some of the branches. I am really missing the snow here now that it has disappeared and been replaced by grey, overcast rainy days. Boo!

  2. Annie, thanks! Check out my post tomorrow....maybe it will brighten things up a bit.

  3. You've got a great eye for detail! And hey, that corkscrew witch hazel is one crazy tree!

  4. Lovely photos...We have a chance of snow Sunday and this certainly set my mood!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  5. my dad used to say "big flakes..little storm, small flakes...big storm!" Looks like we may be getting some of the white stuff too this weekend, it's hailing now and it's crazy loud on the skylights. The first couple of pics are kinda scary! take care and keep warm.

  6. and lovely pics they are Jim!

  7. Beautiful pictures.....Started snowing here around 3PM and we should have snow for six of the next seven days......yeah!!!! for freezers and big pantries....!!!
    Stay safe and warm.....LindaMay

  8. It sure is pretty at first, isn't it? If only driving in it wasn't so hard!

  9. Jim, you out-did yourself this time! Those photos are fantastic. What an eye you have.

  10. Oh you are so lucky to have lovely snow....we have dreary rain! xxx

  11. Really cool pictures! I guess we are in for some of that too and really cold for the next week. Brrrrrr!

  12. ohhhhh wowsie wow wow! what beautiful photos!!!
    i love the snow too, we dont have any as of yet. a few flakes fell today but it was more like dandruff...

  13. You take a great photo Jim. Sophie is just so adorable !

  14. I miss living in the "country" because when it snows, it's so beautiful! Living in the city, snow is more of a big inconvenience than anything else :)

  15. These photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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