Friday, January 7, 2011

In For a Snowy Weekend

Corkscrew Witch Hazel.

It's supposed to snow for the next three and on. It started around lunchtime today and we have about 2 cm. down....that's about 1 inch.

Witch Hazel winter buds.

Sophie was beyond herself and wanted one of us to go outside and 'play' with her....immediately! She will give you that look........ the 'I really, really need to get out of here and run around the yard' look.

                  Sophie with her 'tuggy'.

I was the first to surrender to her conniving. So off we went with my camera in tow.

They were big flakes coming down which is always a sign that it will probably turn to rain or a mixture thereof.

                  Colorado Blue Spruce.

Sophie did her thing.......tearing around the yard, and I did mine.....taking pics.

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