Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ramblin' Wednesday

Wish I could be more spontaneous at times, especially with these posts.

I have noticed that some bloggers appear to just start 'talking' and end up with a really good conversation going.

I guess I am too much of the 'want-to-control-the-post' kind of blogger.....have to know where it is going and don't trust myself just letting it go!

I do try at times to just 'empty' my brain.....but it is so against my nature. Guess you could call me a 'control' freak.

Dropped in to see my Dad today by myself. I wanted to ask him how it was doing. A few of us sibs were concerned about all the daily 'alone time' he has.

He was sitting in his chair reading the paper. And whenever anyone shows up, he stops what he is doing and gives you his full attention.

I have often wandered what it was really like for him on a daily basis. Here he is, a man who has had a very full life raising nine kids and caring for a wife who was often not well enough to do anything.

He worked very hard to support us by selling cars. That's right, selling cars. Sometimes if he didn't sell anything, he wouldn't make any money that week! Thankfully, he managed to get on salary as well as commission.

He said today that he didn't know how he did it at times. I said that things were different 'back then' and that he didn't spend money frivolously.....didn't smoke, drink and didn't have much of a 'social' life. 

I often wandered as did they do it? I can barely look after myself, let alone 11 people!

Usually there is someone there every day to bring lunch....but that is only for an hour at the most. We are thinking about getting someone for 2-3 hours a day....just to be there to keep him company and to do 'light house chores'. We'll see.

I just can't imagine what it is like for him at this stage in his life. The good thing is that he is still in his own home and does have a family who takes care of his needs. We hope he will be in his house forever and will not have to go to a nursing home.

Gee, this wasn't so bad. I actually just rambled on, in a way. I'm learning.

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