Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's COLD! How Cold, You ask ?

Let me just say that it has been very cold around here the past couple of days. Yesterday, mid-day, it was minus 27 degrees Celsius.....that would be about minus 18 degrees F.

We didn't go the beaches yesterday because it just wouldn't have been safe for both us and Sophie.

And guess what? On the coldest day of the year, yesterday, the power went out!! Yes that's right, the 'electric' was off for about 2 hours in the early afternoon. We heard later that a car accident in the nearest community, Cole Harbour, was the cause.

Back in 2003 after Hurricane Juan, we purchased a 'backup' heating system because we were without any power for a week.....luckily it was September.

The 'system' is actually just a small cast-iron stove/heater. It uses propane gas from a big tank outside.....like the ones restaurants use. It is a great 'backup' to stay warm and if need be to heat up some food. 

Other than that, things here along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia are pretty calm and steady. I have been taking Dad's lunch to him an Tuesdays but a couple of weeks ago, the sibs (siblings) did a switch. Now I have Saturdays.

Speaking of Dad, he is doing very well. We thought that he could have someone staying with him on a regular basis from Monday to Friday for a few hours each day. He could use the company for sure and also it would give us some 'peace of mind' regarding his safety moving around the house on his own.

So, Ron and I, and of course Sophie, may be taking over those duties at Dad's house. He said he would rather have family there than a stranger. Between the two of us the 'chores/duties' will keep us busy and out of trouble.....I think. I can just imagine that there will be a few interesting posts generated from this experience with Dad. Will keep you all posted!

                These pics were taken recently at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

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