Friday, January 28, 2011

For The Birds!!!!

When I started blogging I had in mind the idea of exchanging opinions and ideas. When something is going on in the world or in my community I will comment on it with the hope to 'expose' the issue/event, and thus open up a discussion. 

I can get very passionate about people's rights or lack thereof. In a democratic society like ours we ALL have a right to say whatever we have on our mind. 

I will be the first to say that this 'prophet', Cindy Jacobs, has every right to think what she wants about anything that she wants.

But, I have the right also to express my thoughts about what anyone thinks....if I agree with them and if I don't.

My husband just said that by putting this clip on a post will just perpetuate her ideas and give her some credence. Good point but in this case I don't agree.

I would agree if it was that 'lunatic' fringe of people that pickets funerals of all those who have supported gay rights. They even considered picketing the young girl's funeral in Arizona a couple of weeks ago.....the one that was supporting the Democratic congresswoman who was wounded in that shooting spree.

But this woman is not in that category in my books. She looks pretty deliberate in her display of hostility towards gays and anybody else who supports them. Her determination scared me to be quite honest.

I do think her ideas should be questioned openly in any forum available to make sure she and her followers are 'checked' on what they have to say and believe. Gays are responsible for the death of thousands of birds that fell out of the sky in Arkansas? And Bill Clinton is just as responsible because he started the whole DADT bill ?!

Makes we wonder, as it did a blogger I follow and from whom I got this clip, if she is just a 'prophet' for profit or is she for real?!

What do you think?
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