Friday, January 28, 2011

For The Birds!!!!

When I started blogging I had in mind the idea of exchanging opinions and ideas. When something is going on in the world or in my community I will comment on it with the hope to 'expose' the issue/event, and thus open up a discussion. 

I can get very passionate about people's rights or lack thereof. In a democratic society like ours we ALL have a right to say whatever we have on our mind. 

I will be the first to say that this 'prophet', Cindy Jacobs, has every right to think what she wants about anything that she wants.

But, I have the right also to express my thoughts about what anyone thinks....if I agree with them and if I don't.

My husband just said that by putting this clip on a post will just perpetuate her ideas and give her some credence. Good point but in this case I don't agree.

I would agree if it was that 'lunatic' fringe of people that pickets funerals of all those who have supported gay rights. They even considered picketing the young girl's funeral in Arizona a couple of weeks ago.....the one that was supporting the Democratic congresswoman who was wounded in that shooting spree.

But this woman is not in that category in my books. She looks pretty deliberate in her display of hostility towards gays and anybody else who supports them. Her determination scared me to be quite honest.

I do think her ideas should be questioned openly in any forum available to make sure she and her followers are 'checked' on what they have to say and believe. Gays are responsible for the death of thousands of birds that fell out of the sky in Arkansas? And Bill Clinton is just as responsible because he started the whole DADT bill ?!

Makes we wonder, as it did a blogger I follow and from whom I got this clip, if she is just a 'prophet' for profit or is she for real?!

What do you think?


  1. Hi Jim,I didn't even open the clip as I know it will just upset me! Be and let be, I say. We all are what we are and so be it. I have no issues with gay people and so I ignore all that kind of fanfare....Have a stupendous weekend! Mwa, mwa,mwa!

  2. Well, I'll tell ya. I don't agree with one word that woman said nor any of her inferences or implications. None of it and it hurt my ears to even listen to it. As far as the "rightwingwatch" moniker at the end, I will say that I unapologetically consider myself right wing (conservative) and feel slandered when people equivocate the above kind of rhetoric with my side of the political spectrum. The truth is, there are people who are off in their own universe and this is a clear example of one of them; they belong to no "wing" or sound political philosophy. Other examples lie with the people you described earlier -- those who picket at funerals, any funerals; I would add those that picket the funerals of our soldiers as well. There are ill people sprinkled throughout our societies and civilizations. I am sure I am as tired of people calling me one, because of my inclinations, as you are.

    As to the birds, according to my reading, this occurs with some regularity throughout the world. Sadly.

  3. Renee, thanks so much for your thoughtful response and I agree with you about these 'fringe' people who attach themselves to different 'wings' of the political and religious spectrum.

    Liesl, I appreciate your perspective.

  4. JMHO, I think this woman is nuts and talking in a calm, sweet voice, does not make her right! I cannot go along with anyone that says God is getting back at us all, because of this person or that person. What a crock!

  5. There is always some nutter with some cuse or other who will use naturally occuring events to draw false conclusions to bolster their own weird beliefs. Once you recognise them for what they are, move on and forget them. If you dwell on what they are saying they have won. If you wake up a week or a month later and you still find yourself upset at the garbage they spruik, then they've won again!

  6. Well, if she's for real, then she's simply an idiot and if she's not, then she's simply a con man. Not a good alternative either way!

  7. I have to agree with you Jim. I think that everyone is entitled to free speech. Good job too, because that stupid woman just made herself look mentally deranged by blaming gay people for birds falling out of the sky.

    I am not religious myself, but I can't ever, in a million years, imagine that God would think that loving someone would be a sin (be it man-woman, man-man or woman-woman). I am 100% with you about supporting individuals rights. Go Jim!

  8. P.S. That woman has made me feel quite angry. Surely in this day and age we should have moved on from caveman philosophy..... grrrr.

  9. Being a Christian, it bothers me when people like this speak out. This woman is obviously judging... which my Bible tells me I am not supposed to do...

  10. I have started my comment over four times.
    I don't know what to say.
    I am sorry that the things she (and people like her) has said are upsetting.
    I wish that we could all support and love each other.
    Much love, Becky

  11. Folks are not supposed to pierce or adorn their body either so, I would wager Mrs. Pierced Ears has not really delved into the Old Testament fully. (Leviticus 19:28) Another point, Mrs. Jacobs looks like a woman thus she should not be preaching (assuming a position of authority) in churchaccording to the Old Testament but, does not mean she should not testify or spread the 'Good Word.'

    Now I just write this from experience as a former preacher's daughter. One can not take just bits of the Bible to fit their own selfish needs. Which this woman is plainly doing and is doing a disservice to herself and the message of Christ.

    Christ said to go "Love one another as you would me." So who are we to tell you; your love and relationship is unjust or ungodly?

    Another point: Humans have the need to see patterns in behavior or unexplainable events so, they may find peace in knowing the unknown. By this I mean, she is immature in her ctical thinking skills and should really do more time praying for guidance for her indulgent motivations.

    Sorry steps off soapbox,
    Pushes it back to you,

    PS, If 'good people' do nothing and sit in silence then we just allow this horrible behavior to continue and spread. (MLK) So I appreciate you passing this information on; we all should be aware of false prophets. JMHO

  12. i have seen this woman on tv. And I have watched for a few moments, like the traffic accidents that you slow down as you pass, and know you should look away but just cannot.

    I find people like this so offensive. And that actually includes a rabbi in my own family. Sure they are entitled to say what they want, but to preach love and spew hate is hypocritical.

    Okay off my soapbox. For now.

  13. Hey, thanks for stopping by and following me today!

  14. You know I've seen her before and I don't think highly of her because I feel she is out to destroy people becuase they are different and my first thought is, 'who does she think she is?' Really? what human has that right?
    URGH...gets me so riled up...

  15. people like her will realize when they meet their maker that the oral defacation they spew now, is just that, crapicola! people like her are uneducated in the common senses of life as well as what it truely means to be a follower of christ.. or any religion for that matter. what good does it do to attack others who believe differently than she, and why? she needs to come down off her high horse and take a look in the mirror before judging others.. yes, she has the right to have her opinion, but so do i and you and i would NEVER even think about saying anything that i thought would hurt someoness feelings... i'm not made that way.. and to blame all the bad things in the world on gays is just ludicrous, jimbo.. it doesnt even make any sense. if you read my last post then you know it was about bullying. what she and the funeral protesters are doing is also a form of bullying.. at the worst most painful time in people's lives. i think that might even make it a sin.

    great post, bubbaloo...

  16. Jim, I didn't watch the video, simply because I didn't want to give her any more pub. I get the gist from your description.

    I have strong opinions about people who use religion to explain that everything happens "for a reason."

    It's ignorant and inflammatory.

  17. She is only a prophet in her own mind and is trying to convince others as well. Pul-lease. Even without a gun she is just as sinister as the shooter in Arizona and those self-righteous idiots from Kansas who spew hatred in the name of religion. That very group picketed on the corner near my house one day as the funeral of a soldier was conducted near by. They looked exactly like what they are: country bumpkin bigots. Hate has consumed them. They have purposely thumbed their noses at the words of Jesus: Love one another.

    Jim, whether people agree or disagree with lifestyles different from each other, it's not our place to judge nor to condemn. Live your life with intregrity, dignity, compassion and love. And pray for those who don't.


  18. To me, she's so ridiculous she's funny! It's like a parody on SNL.

  19. Some people butcher the bible to suit themselves.

    Articles and clips like this aren't worth my or anybody's time. People who actually think will see right through this anyway.

  20. You really touched a nerve with people on this one.
    No enducated person will take her seriously. However, there are a lot of uneducated people out there that will.
    I remember thinking as a child "why should I read the bible? The preacher will tell me what I need to know" Then as a teen, I read it. Cover to cover. And was astonished how much was left out of the lessons.
    There are millions of people out there that will never do that. They will believe these "nutters".
    And for gays to protest her case, will only add fuel to her fire. Best just ignore them and set people straight when asked.

    At the end of the Columbus,OH gay pride parade last summer, the westborough baptist church was there. Everyone lining the streets for the parade simply got up and followed the parade, turning our backs on the nuts. They don't deserve our attention. Let them act like fools standing out there all by themselves.


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