Thursday, January 27, 2011

Company's Coming

Yesterday we had company. My sister, Mary Elizabeth (Mim), was coming by to introduce us to her beau, Michael.

Needless to say, we were doing our typical scurrying around in the morning to make the place 'presentable'. Sophie 'manned/womanned' her station to keep an lookout for their car.

In the midst of all this, I thought it would be a good idea to bake something to go with the coffee/tea.

I decided on the old reliable 'banana loaf'....which I turned into a cake.

Got all the ingredients ready, turned on the oven, greased the pans. There, now put all this together and presto.......into the oven.

Sprinkled one with sesame seeds and the other with poppy seeds.

Since I had changed the recommended loaf pans to cake pans, I had to keep a eye on them and not over-cook them.

I tested them with a toothpick first.......came out sticky.Waited for a few more minutes. Tested again......came out dry! Good, they are ready.

Check out my Mom's Nova Scotia tartan oven mitts!

Actually, before the company arrived we had to test the 'cake' to see if it was OK. It was a little dry/over-cooked. But I knew what would help that.....some vanilla ice-cream! All set!

Sophie 'let us know' when Mim's car pulled into the driveway and off to the door she flew. She greeted them outside on the deck. And we met Michael for the first time.

Sophie immediately 'fell' for Michael! He is a 'dog' person and she knew it! She would not leave his side and made sure she was in close contact with him the whole time.

Is this LOVE or what?!

Luckily Mim is not the jealous kind, but Sophie wanted him all to herself. It was quite amusing to watch.

After a few hours of catching up on 'family' gossip and the like, they headed back to the city because of an impending storm approaching the area.

Love having company. 

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