Thursday, January 27, 2011

Company's Coming

Yesterday we had company. My sister, Mary Elizabeth (Mim), was coming by to introduce us to her beau, Michael.

Needless to say, we were doing our typical scurrying around in the morning to make the place 'presentable'. Sophie 'manned/womanned' her station to keep an lookout for their car.

In the midst of all this, I thought it would be a good idea to bake something to go with the coffee/tea.

I decided on the old reliable 'banana loaf'....which I turned into a cake.

Got all the ingredients ready, turned on the oven, greased the pans. There, now put all this together and presto.......into the oven.

Sprinkled one with sesame seeds and the other with poppy seeds.

Since I had changed the recommended loaf pans to cake pans, I had to keep a eye on them and not over-cook them.

I tested them with a toothpick first.......came out sticky.Waited for a few more minutes. Tested again......came out dry! Good, they are ready.

Check out my Mom's Nova Scotia tartan oven mitts!

Actually, before the company arrived we had to test the 'cake' to see if it was OK. It was a little dry/over-cooked. But I knew what would help that.....some vanilla ice-cream! All set!

Sophie 'let us know' when Mim's car pulled into the driveway and off to the door she flew. She greeted them outside on the deck. And we met Michael for the first time.

Sophie immediately 'fell' for Michael! He is a 'dog' person and she knew it! She would not leave his side and made sure she was in close contact with him the whole time.

Is this LOVE or what?!

Luckily Mim is not the jealous kind, but Sophie wanted him all to herself. It was quite amusing to watch.

After a few hours of catching up on 'family' gossip and the like, they headed back to the city because of an impending storm approaching the area.

Love having company. 


  1. No way. I just posted my recipe for banana bread today, too! And I don't think this is the first time this has happened with us posting on similar topics on the same day. Weird.

    And I have that yellow bowl! I suppose you have the set, with the green, red, and blue bowls, too? I love them!

    Your cakes look delicious. Love the addition of the seeds. Yum.

    I'm still jealous of Mim's hair. Her boyfriend is cute, too!

    Stay warm.

  2. Nothing like company to get you motivated. I do the cleaning and Fred does the cooking. It's a match made in Home-keeping Heaven.
    But now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot! I meant that sarcastically but I'm not sure how to type it to show that feeling. Any ideas?
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Love the look on Sophie's face.....!! Should it be 's or s'..?......never can remember.....

  4. What is this? There are too many people featuring food on their blogs. Your cakes look delicious, and make me want to dive right in. Hmm, hard to tell if Sophie is charming Michael or Michael is charming Sophie in those pictures. Maybe a bit of both?

  5. Mim should tell Sophie not to cut her grass!

  6. Especially since the bannana "cake" is a little over cooked, dip the leftovers in an egg batter and grill them for an amazing southern style french toast right from the french quarter in New Orleans. You'll love it.
    you're welcome.

  7. I also thought of baking banana bread yesterday but was feeling to lazy to bake! Clever touch those seeds...I love those blue tartan oven mits.Your sister and Sophie is gorgeous and you know what they say about animal instinct! Have a great one! xoxo

  8. Cake. Here we go again. Sharon has a cake blog going today as well. As soon as I'm up and running, I'm going to be baking. I can't take this anymore... I just read on a blog the other day that they added chocolate chips and oatmeal to a banana bread receipe. It looked really good.
    It looks like you went all out for Mim and her new beau. What a nice brother you are!

  9. It's nice to have company and they give you time enough to bake a cake! Which looks good, BTW! Has Sophie ever NOT liked a guest? If so - what happened? Our kids have growled at strangers through the window, but love them to pieces if they come in the door. I believe a prowler would be knocked over with "I am SO happy to see you!".

    Nice looking fella there! Mim's doing ok! LOL!

  10. Yes, everyone is baking lately! Must be the winter bringing this out in us!

    Thanks for the few new suggestions to vary the recipe....dates, chocolate chips, yoghurt and oat meal......m-m-m

    Sharon, I have never heard Sophie growl at anyone...bark yes in a 'I can't wait ti lick ya way' but not growl.

    Mark, maybe you could create a new emoticon suggesting sarcasm! In YOUR spare time! lol

  11. Man alive, that banana cake / loaf looks like the dogs danglies. Save me a slice will you?! What a fantastic picture of Mim and Michael. You talented git you!

  12. Your cakes look and sound delicious!! I'll bet they were wonderful!! We're our own worst food critics though, aren't we?

    Had to chuckle about Sophie--That's a good sign if he passed her test! :-)

  13. Annie, I take it THAT is a compliment!? Dogs danglies.......let me see.....

  14. I love the look of your cookbook. I want to start a handwritten cookbook one of these days :)

  15. I love your new twist on banana bread! I will definitely have to try that. And I have to confess I didn't make my cupcakes today -- I need icing sugar. Maybe tomorrow. :)

  16. I like it as family means a lot to u

  17. You know what, you're so perfect!!! Lovely cakes AND a spotlessly clean do you do it??? xxx

  18. Yum! I'll have a slice of each, please.
    If Sophie approves, Michael must be A OK.

  19. I think it must be the cold winter weather that has us all baking. I baked something that came out a bit dry too, but after freezing some it came out more moist. Of course, I have no idea why. Sophie, I want a hug too. You are just so cute.--Inger

  20. I love it. You are the perfect hosts! YUMMY! : ) I remember Mim. She is the trainer, right? I hope they are very happy together. Sophie does look like she loves him : ) Sweet!

  21. oh how wonderful for your sister! i hope it all works out for them... he looks like a nice lad... a pleasant chap... a fine bloke!!! a friendly chum... heehee

    i too love having company and cooking for them. it's my fave thing to do!!!


    my word verif. is cocatore... as in i went to the cocatore to buy a new one!!!! lmao...

  22. Jess makes a good banana loaf. We have company tomorrow for a Burns' supper ( photos next week ! ) Jess is going to make a Banoffi pie & raspberry pavlova - yum.. Sophie looks smitten there !


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