Friday, January 14, 2011

The Discipline of Winter

It just occurred to me that winter presents a few challenges  for us all. Not the least of which is the adjustment necessary to withstand the cold temperatures.

Ron and I are out every day with our dog Sophie. Whether it is raining, hot and humid, cool or freezing cold, we are out there.

In the fall we notice that the temperature is a little cooler and the winds are becoming stronger. But you know what? The 'adjustment' to these changes is so gradual it is hardly noticeable.

There is no sudden change that the body has to adjust to. Sure, it's not as if we don't feel that freezing wind hitting our face and making our finger tips feel like they are no longer part of our hands, especially when we are taking pictures.

We do! But we have 'adjusted' to these changes gradually over a few months.

This leads me to the second most noticeable 'winter affliction'.........complaining. Everywhere we turn, everybody gets in on it. Let's feel better by complaining about the weather! Sometimes it does help, I have to admit, to just 'let it rip' with a flurry of expletives condemning the blasted cold....or in the summer, that horrid humidity.

I think we are always going to find things about which to complain. It is 'human nature' after all to want comfort and feel good all the time.

On the other hand, if we stopped and thought about it though, complaining is really a waste of time and sets in motion a pattern of negativity that will lead us nowhere fast....except to encourage more complaining.

So next time you are about to complain, stop for a second and ask yourself, do I really want to go down that slope?

Or do you want to take another route? Like looking at the 'complaint' and 'turning' it around into something more positive.

Like watching the birds who have one thing on their 'minds'! What cold?!

Or for a LAST resort.........


It really worked!


  1. I can whine and complain with the best of them. Sometimes it makes me feel better, but, mostly, not. Right now, however, I'm too busy trying to figure out whether that is a "Golden Finch" in your next to last picture, or some kind of warbler. I don't think warblers stay North, though, so I guess my vote is for the Finch.

  2. Louise, yes we feel it is a warbler too.....smaller and pointier beak than a Goldfinch.

  3. Louise, we have down to either a Pine or a Blackpoll Warbler.

  4. I love the thoughts of this post juxtaposed with the images of the ever-adaptive birds. Aren't feathers amazing? When I think of what we humans must go through in order to function in cold weather . . . and here are these delicate little feather things flitting here and there, chirping all the way. Amazing.

  5. I want to complain about this post. How dare you show us a photo of such a delicious cake (*drool*) and not send us each by Canada Express Mail a big piece to enjoy?

  6. Lovely post... I decided yesterday that if life were a walk in the park an actual walk in the park would be no fun at all! ;D


  7. Nice photos! Shame on you for the cake, Jim. That's one of the most beautiful cake's I've ever set eyes on. It looks like one I make w/ buttercream frosting... which I haven't made in a very long time because I know I'll eat it. (I'm talking - ALL of it). And now I just went to the junk machine and got a suzy Q. I hope you're happy.

  8. : ) Oh my goodness. I love your cake. Now I simply MUST have a piece of cake. : )

    I think it is always better to choose joy instead of discontentment! Always. I often forget and get caught up in issues though : (

  9. awwww what cute birdies!!!! and that cake is to die for, at least via the picute of it! is it ho-made? can i get the recipe? yummy yum yum!!!!

  10. Love your bird feeder - must check the pet store and see if they have one like that where the small birds can get to the seed but the big parrots like cockatoos and gang-Gangs cannot gobble it all up!

  11. How true and what beautiful pictures once again.

  12. Loe the bird photos, and I want cake!

    David and I take care of the horses at least 4 times a day, so we are out in all weather. It's not complaining to say Brrr, it's a fact of life.

  13. Good thoughts Jim! At the end of the day where I've been good and not complained to my husband, I think I deserve cake!! I love your bird pictures!!

  14. If we felt comfortable and good all the time we would find a way to complain about that too! Love the new header and the birds...sweet!

  15. Your photography is amazing!

    The lack of sun has me baking a lot these days too.

  16. Great thoughts, Jim. Those of us who experience true winter weather for several months have to adopt a positive attitude -- we need the cold gray of winter to fully enjoy the thrill of the coming of Spring.

    Love your new header, btw. :)

  17. My vote is that is a warbler. Our golden Finches are long gone.

    Yes, complaining is a waste of time and energy. I hear so much of it at my second job. I always try to turn it around on them. I'm usually met with rolling of the eyes and some snyde comment back. People don't want to be happy. If they were, they'd have nothing to complain about.


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