Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts......

Yesterday Ron and I had back-to-back appointments with our Acupuncturist, Terry. We each had a couple of minor, but irritating, things we wanted to discuss with her, hoping she could help with them.

We have been seeing Terry for close to ten years now. My sister, Jo-Ann, recommended her to us after Terry had helped her. Terry was also a nurse for a number of years.

We look at Terry's services as a compliment to what our medical doctor has to offer. Depending on the issue, we will usually see both and compare what each has recommended, then go from there.

Sometimes we get better results from what Terry recommends and it usually doesn't involve drugs/medications. She is not against medications per say and recognizes that they sometimes have a very important role to play in one's treatment or recovery. And sometimes not.

For example, I am taking a medication to reduce my LDL (bad cholesterol). It is a very potent drug and causes a depletion of a certain enzyme. My doctor(s) didn't tell me about this. Terry did. She recommended a supplement with this enzyme in it to keep the levels up. I ran this by both my GP and specialist. They had heard about this depletion but didn't think it should be of concern. I chose to take Terry's advice.

In doing acupuncture, Terry uses both the needles and auricular (ear) seeds. She places/sticks tiny seeds on certain meridian points on the ears. These are massaged for about a week. And usually one feels better after the treatments.

Let's see ,what else can this 'wonderful lady' do? Well, she primarily uses a method/system which incorporates energy therapy using the 'quantum touch technique' with spinal manipulation. It sounds like hocus-pocus. There is this huge name for it........Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques or Nait. Check it out here if you are interested.

All I can say is that I was very skeptical the first time it was used on me. But she can determine,  using  NAIT, any number of  allergies but other conditions.....simply using this technique. Here's a real example: about a year and a half ago I went to her about my diet.

I wanted suggestions to incorporate more protein on a daily basis. She asked if I ate eggs. I told her that they have always  made me sick (since children). My Mom said I would vomit when she tried to feed them to me. Terry 'did her thing', Nait, and said that, yes ,my body for some reason was rejecting eggs.

After a few spinal manipulations and holding vials of egg 'energy', she said that I should be able  to eat them now. I said I would try. I have eaten an egg every day since with none of the symptoms I had before.

Here's another example of her 'work'. My sister, Jo-Ann, was leaving on a cruise from NYC in 24 hours. She came down with flu-type symptoms and felt terribly. She didn't know what to do. Then she remembered that Terry does this thing called distance 'quantum energy' technique. She called Terry on the phone and Terry did her thing and within a very short time Jo-Ann was better. No kidding! She went on the cruise feeling fine.

Call it what you will but after seeing that there is something to look at here, I am convinced, as are many of others, that there is more to the treatment of our ills than what the 'western' medical approach has to offer.

Consider how much longer some of the alternative therapies/treatments have been around and the ensuing good results. This is not to say that western medicine is not effective. It is. But in my unprofessional opinion there is more to our health than what western medicine has to offer.

Now wouldn't it be great, for us, if both the western and the alternative approaches to wellness got together and 'pooled' their resources for the betterment of us all! It is happening in certain larger cities, I hear. 

But there is a long way to go for western medicine to acknowledge and accept that there are 'other' ways to treat patients that can be and are just as effective and sometimes safer.

What do you think? Room for improvement in our approach to wellness and treatment?


  1. I have never tried any alternative practices, not sure there are any close by. I have gone to the chiropractor because our insurance covers it and I have curvature of the spine. (with some strange results) Most of the folk around here call them quacks. Strange result - I accidentally rolled into a parked car while parking, but it was like my brain wasn't functioning and telling me how close I was. No damage to either car, I was going like 0.5mph. I just felt weird all day and no relief for back pain - naturally, I only went that one time. I have considered acupuncture, acupressure and holistic medicine, but our insurance doesn't cover, which is kind of stupid really.....

    Did you guys get fixed up?

  2. I agree that Western medicine is not the be all and end all! But alternative treatments need to be monitored and regulated too, especially if they involve ingesting anything. Some herbs and medicines can interact badly with, or even counteract, the effect of prescription drugs.

  3. Absolutely I think there is room for improvement in Western medicine. Doctors are doctors, but are they healers? Some are, some are not. I believe many of the ancient Eastern methods and remedies are valid, if hard to explain. I do with the traditional medical community would work harder to consider these alternatives.

    My endocrinologist is regarded as brilliant around these parts. And he is. He knows his stuff, but it infuriates me that when I have told him in the past that I am not feeling quite right, the first thing he does is flip through a bunch a papers and checks my lab reports. He then tells me confidently that my "labs are good." Well, that's wonderful. Now can we address how I am FEELING rather than checking the numbers on a sheet of paper?? Due to my not-so-subtle nudges in that direction, I am happy to report that our relationship has "evolved" beyond looking at lab numbers, but it took some doing to get his nose out of the papers.

    Great post and fabulous pictures . . . I have to go make myself a cup of coffee now. ;)

    P.S. Do you ever consider keeping chickens? My husband likes to have 2 eggs for breakfast each day and the idea that they come from our own chickens is something special and wonderful for him.

  4. I too believe in alternative medicines. Now if only the marriage of western and alternative would be officiated; many people would find a healing. I used accupuncture to help control my weight in the military so, I know it is a viable resource. Also the use of herbs and other natural products. I used to drink fenugreek tea to help with my milk supply while nursing both of my boys. I think it is very cool you are open to both techniques. :O)

  5. yes jimbo, i totally agree with everything you have mentioned here. i had a friend awhile back that used to do healing touch... it was a very calming hour of her holding her hands over the body and using her energy to realign or fix ailments. and it worked. i am a firm believer in spiritualistic endeavers where healing is concerned. what did people do before there were doctors? i have come to believe that every kind of medicine there is can be found in a natural state from the earth. and even though it sounds crazy i also believe all the cures to cancer etc will be found from something from the earth. its just a matter of finding it. i just think this planet has everything we need to survive, or at least did at one point. it's our own fault as humans if it has gotten destroyed.

    your coffee looks yummy... so you take it black? i have to have powdered creamer [lots of it] and sweet n low... lol

  6. Sharon....our insurance covers acupuncture and we did get fixed up. A lot of the 'procedure' is balancing energy in certain areas. I had blood work today and Terry suggested I get something else checked that the doctors didn't.....we'll see when the results are in. are so correct. I always run everything I take past our pharmacist to see for any contraindications. would be great to 'keep chickens' and I think we could zone wise....we are way outside the city. And I feel I know how to do it thanks to all you chicken people out there. Two of my own eggs in the morning,....nice.

    Mal.....Don't you just love Fenugreek! We've been drinking that for years....especially for digestion and I use it for 'stuffy' sinuses. It really helps.

  7. I am a big fan of alternative medicine! I know it is not the cure all and sometimes needs to be combined with western medicine. I like the whole body wellness approach and healing instead of drugging the body if possible.I also believe in the use of herbal and"folk" medicine and have been slowly learning about it the last few years also.

  8. Aww Jim, I just had a funny moment reading your post .. you started on about acupuncture, and I thought 'hocus pocus' and then you went on to say 'now you probably think this is hocus pocus'!! (that's my guilty secret!)

    I have to say though, that what you said after that was very convincing, balanced, and downright sensible. Of course these techniques are so old that there must be something in them. And western medicine has something to contribute too ..... so I wonder... why don't they pool their resources as you suggest? Protectionism maybe?!

  9. Mom went to an acupuncturist for her arthritis and said it worked--she refused to take any kind of medication so I'm glad it DID work! She also had seeds placed in her earlobes--I think it was to lose weight. It's funny--I live in a somewhat small deep south town where people are pretty narrowminded, but one of the local Hare Krishna devotees (we have a large community nearby!) is an herbalist and many of the rednecks swear by his cures! I live and breathe by the mighty powers of green and black tea, too!

  10. I think it is very important to explore alternative treatments. I must post about Angel's nose sometime soon. She is on homeopathic meds now, but there is a long story involved. As for me, I had never been to a chiropractor until now. I had such severe pain after the car accident, but when he finally felt he could actually manipulate my neck/shoulder, the pain went away. He says my back is now straight again and I may soon be done. Yeah! Great post.--Inger

  11. Jim
    buy organic eggs
    ( I will send u some!LOL)
    drench a nice piece of bread with beaten egg and dry fry! ( no oil)
    YOU will never be sick and will love it!
    and bingo! you will be better

  12. I've always thought we (as patients) need to take a proactive approach to our health and not just leave it up to modern medicine and chemicals. Now, the problem is I don't take my own advice! LOL....I take cholesterol meds, too. I eat waaay to much sugar, but have taken my eye doctor's advice and stopped drinking sodas. I love Dr. Raymond Weil, he has some good advice. I'm just stuck in old habits and need to be more disciplined. Would love to try accupuncture!


  13. I know some friends I have swear by them! Love that. Whatever works for you and makes you happy...I am ALL over! : ) I used to go to the chiropractor. He helped my back tons after a bad accident!

  14. When it comes to your health, whatever works for you. I have an aunt who used to do the acupuncture and she swore by it. Jim, I read in one of the comments on another blog that you and Ron used to be fitness trainers?? That is awesome - no wonder every time I see pictures of you guys you are running after a stick or playing in the ocean. Oh, that's right... that's Sophie.

  15. Chris....I swear by green tea too and any of the other real teas. Your Mom was ahead of her times!

    Liz....I believe you meant Dr. Andrew Weil. He is one of the pioneers in combining both philosophies.

    Becky and Inger....I went to a chiro a few times. It worked alright but I would laugh every time because he was so aggressive I couldn't believe it.

    John....thanks I'll try that tomorrow....we call it French toast.

    C. (Chris).....yes we drink black coffee.

  16. Hi Jim! I am a big believer in alternative medicine and balancing it with conventional, both with myself and our dogs. As you know, Hamlet is being given Chinese herbs, and many of them are used on people for the same reasons with much of the same result--We've also done acupuncture with our dogs as well with amazing results! I hope you got all 'fixed up' today and are feeling better too!

  17. It's 10:00 at night, and now I want a cup of coffee, and it's all your fault! lol

  18. Hi Jim, the only alternative doctors in our area is Sangomas!!! I will realy rather avoid them as far as I can!! Ha ha. I occasionally have someone come to treat my horses and then get treatment myself if need be. I have been extermely lucky in that I havn't had to see a Doctor since my last child was born 18 years ago! The little colds and sore muscles from falling off the horses are treated by a quick visit to the chemist. xoxo

  19. jim, i am so glad you wrote this post. i recently started statins to battle "bad" cholesterol, and was reluctant to do so due to the potential side affects, none of which have occurred, thankfully. but better this than a suprise stroke while out riding my bike. i am curious about what you take to counter side affects though--pass along your knowledge??

  20. thanks for your great response, jim! i will look into what you suggested. though i want to be aware of my cholesterol, i do not want to make medical decisions without having as much info as i can get! -tony

  21. The steam coming from the cup seems to draw me in. Another excelent set of photos.

    Growing up, my father was a chiropractor. He taught me from a very young age that there is always natural alternatives. Your body want to be well. If given the chance, it will always heal itself. Medicine has it's place, but should always be used AFTER natural choices have been tried.


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