Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts......

Yesterday Ron and I had back-to-back appointments with our Acupuncturist, Terry. We each had a couple of minor, but irritating, things we wanted to discuss with her, hoping she could help with them.

We have been seeing Terry for close to ten years now. My sister, Jo-Ann, recommended her to us after Terry had helped her. Terry was also a nurse for a number of years.

We look at Terry's services as a compliment to what our medical doctor has to offer. Depending on the issue, we will usually see both and compare what each has recommended, then go from there.

Sometimes we get better results from what Terry recommends and it usually doesn't involve drugs/medications. She is not against medications per say and recognizes that they sometimes have a very important role to play in one's treatment or recovery. And sometimes not.

For example, I am taking a medication to reduce my LDL (bad cholesterol). It is a very potent drug and causes a depletion of a certain enzyme. My doctor(s) didn't tell me about this. Terry did. She recommended a supplement with this enzyme in it to keep the levels up. I ran this by both my GP and specialist. They had heard about this depletion but didn't think it should be of concern. I chose to take Terry's advice.

In doing acupuncture, Terry uses both the needles and auricular (ear) seeds. She places/sticks tiny seeds on certain meridian points on the ears. These are massaged for about a week. And usually one feels better after the treatments.

Let's see ,what else can this 'wonderful lady' do? Well, she primarily uses a method/system which incorporates energy therapy using the 'quantum touch technique' with spinal manipulation. It sounds like hocus-pocus. There is this huge name for it........Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques or Nait. Check it out here if you are interested.

All I can say is that I was very skeptical the first time it was used on me. But she can determine,  using  NAIT, any number of  allergies but other conditions.....simply using this technique. Here's a real example: about a year and a half ago I went to her about my diet.

I wanted suggestions to incorporate more protein on a daily basis. She asked if I ate eggs. I told her that they have always  made me sick (since children). My Mom said I would vomit when she tried to feed them to me. Terry 'did her thing', Nait, and said that, yes ,my body for some reason was rejecting eggs.

After a few spinal manipulations and holding vials of egg 'energy', she said that I should be able  to eat them now. I said I would try. I have eaten an egg every day since with none of the symptoms I had before.

Here's another example of her 'work'. My sister, Jo-Ann, was leaving on a cruise from NYC in 24 hours. She came down with flu-type symptoms and felt terribly. She didn't know what to do. Then she remembered that Terry does this thing called distance 'quantum energy' technique. She called Terry on the phone and Terry did her thing and within a very short time Jo-Ann was better. No kidding! She went on the cruise feeling fine.

Call it what you will but after seeing that there is something to look at here, I am convinced, as are many of others, that there is more to the treatment of our ills than what the 'western' medical approach has to offer.

Consider how much longer some of the alternative therapies/treatments have been around and the ensuing good results. This is not to say that western medicine is not effective. It is. But in my unprofessional opinion there is more to our health than what western medicine has to offer.

Now wouldn't it be great, for us, if both the western and the alternative approaches to wellness got together and 'pooled' their resources for the betterment of us all! It is happening in certain larger cities, I hear. 

But there is a long way to go for western medicine to acknowledge and accept that there are 'other' ways to treat patients that can be and are just as effective and sometimes safer.

What do you think? Room for improvement in our approach to wellness and treatment?

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