Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Said That Winter Doesn't Have Advantages

Every school in the province was shut down yesterday due to the weather. I thought it was kind of quiet outside in the early morning hours just after sunrise.

Usually I can hear the occasional school bus going by to pick up the first round of students. But not  yesterday. I can remember, not that long ago (about three years to be exact), when I would wake up to face another day at school.

Turn on the radio to hear that school was cancelled due to the weather or to an impending storm. Unless you are or were a teacher, you may not appreciate the thrill it was to hear that being announced.

And you thought it was just the kids jumping up and down with excitement! No! We teachers always looked forward to a break every now and then. Some may think this is not a very responsible/professional way for a teacher to think, but believe you me, we needed a break from the school routine as much as the kids did.

When you consider the day a teacher puts in.......surrounded by kids and catering to their every need, I'm talking up to 35 kids for five hours straight, it's no wonder we all need a break from each other!!

Don't get me wrong here. Most teachers LOVE what they are doing. Otherwise why would they put themselves through this on a daily basis for 195 days of the year? Nobody would or should do that to themselves unless they were very dedicated to this profession.

So yes, I was a little envious of all the teachers out there yesterday in Nova Scotia who could feel that little rush of excitement and just 'turn over' and catch a few more very deserved minutes of sleep.

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