Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Nature and urban hodgepodge this is usually the case.

A very old Anglican church/graveyard in neighbouring community of Westphal.

'Nursing-log tree stump'

'Main Street' anywhere.

Roof of gazebo at the park.

Traffic lights reflection on wet street.

Steady photographer at work....

Part of a very old British fortress at the park in Halifax.

Future sea glass.....

It's April in Nova Scotia!

Our favourite path at the park.

Poor baby! One more week to go Sophie.

On the boardwalk at Lawrencetown Beach.

Oh my! He thinks he can fly! (must be the new meds!!!)

This makeshift 'nest' caught our interest this week down at the beach 
amongst Bay bushes. It was huge....about 8' X 8'.
Any ideas?

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