Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Nature and urban hodgepodge this is usually the case.

A very old Anglican church/graveyard in neighbouring community of Westphal.

'Nursing-log tree stump'

'Main Street' anywhere.

Roof of gazebo at the park.

Traffic lights reflection on wet street.

Steady photographer at work....

Part of a very old British fortress at the park in Halifax.

Future sea glass.....

It's April in Nova Scotia!

Our favourite path at the park.

Poor baby! One more week to go Sophie.

On the boardwalk at Lawrencetown Beach.

Oh my! He thinks he can fly! (must be the new meds!!!)

This makeshift 'nest' caught our interest this week down at the beach 
amongst Bay bushes. It was huge....about 8' X 8'.
Any ideas?


  1. Poor Sophie. Maybe she's getting better reception of these beautiful pictures

    I like it when people use the word graveyard properly.

  2. wait! did i miss something? what happened to sophie? poor girl! your 'future sea glass' made me laugh!

  3. Poor Sophie - now it looks as if Jack will join her. No idea why he's chewing again - something from outside? Nice reflections of April pic!

  4. nest spot, are the grasses those that are at the spot or are they brought there

    If there are from the spot, coyote and deer will make that happen when they bed down. If brought in, perhaps the wind at play?

  5. I like your "Main Street Anywhere" shot -- yes, there's the Golden Arches!

  6. awesome saturday photos-I agree turkey or deer other animals leave nesting areas like that when the bed down-the turkeys do that when they scratch around or take dust baths-don't know if you have turkeys there though-could be a nest for a large bird too.
    Love the future sea glass too

    1. You know Kathy it just may be deer. We have seen them down as far as the beach, so it is very possible. Thanks.
      You are correct in that we don't have wild turkeys here.....yet!

  7. Looks like Saturday morning rain doesn't slow you down a bit! Loved the photos. When I saw the one of the future sea glass, I first thought it was a Mountain Bluebird gone astray! :o) My sister on Prince Edward Island is a keen sea glass collector. I'm going to tell her the secret of where the blue glass comes from. We never knew it was all from you! :o)

    1. A little rain doesn't usually stop us from leaving the house....we have all the gear in the car just in case....never know in N.S. right?
      We were at a beach, actually a few, in PEI and found lots at the Souris Beach in Souris on the eastern end of the island. I am sure your sister has heard that this is a good one to find glass and all the locals throw in their coloured glass to make it better for all. Actually we have more sea glass in PEI than here.

  8. I see your cobalt blue jar has started its journey. Who knows where it will end up?
    Beautiful series of photos, Mr. C!

    1. LOL! Teachers!!
      That is so true could end up way down the shore somewhere, sometime in the future.

  9. Great photos, Jim! And I LOVE that 'Main Street Anywhere' image. And the Anglican church/graveyard, too. Good stuff! Poor Sophie... And did Ron finally take flight? LOL...

    1. Hi Martha! Actually Ron did! Luckily he landed pretty smoothly!! lol

  10. The nest?
    Didn't I tell you?
    I'm moving in!!!!
    As if...

    1. Oh Bruno, it would be pretty cold down there! Wonder if and how a big 'city boy' would cope here?


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