Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Playing With Glass

When I was a kid I was always warned:  'Don't play with glass, you'll cut yourself!'

This 'rule' obviously didn't stick as I entered adulthood 
because I have always had a fascination with glass.

Whether it's sea-glass or collecting these vintage glasses
 that I have on glass shelves in the kitchen windows,

I'd have to say that my fascination with glass is beyond cure.

I am drawn to glass and it's qualities.....texture, weight, colour and function.

And since its composition is mostly silica (sand),
 it is no wonder that I am so at home at the beach walking in the sand along the shoreline.

That dark object above and to the right is a piece of sea-glass
that I found last month. It is a very dense, smooth piece and is dark green
in colour. At first I thought it was a rock
but after lifting it up to the sun I could see the green light coming through.

These glasses usually catch the morning sunlight and splatter colour all over the kitchen.

I am constantly on the hunt for vintage glasses and haven't come across one in ages.

Maybe I am not the only one out there looking for them!


  1. i love your collection of glasses!

  2. I would suppose, most of the vintage glassware is hoarded or broken by now or perhaps forgotten in storage along with Ya-ya's things. I have a fondness for glass, too - colored glass, art glass.

    1. Hi Sharon. Two peas in the pod, we are!! I really appreciate art glass and find it fascinating. Now get pack to packing!! lol

  3. It's like your own personal stained glass window, sort of!

    1. Exactly Debra! No curtains/blinds necessary here!!

  4. Beautiful collection, Jim! I am also drawn to glass, especially colourful types. I don't collect it like you do, but I do love it.

    1. You can always start Martha!
      I know, glass is great to look at!

  5. It would make me happy to be greeted by all those pretty colors when I first enter my kitchen in the morning. You have collected some beautiful pieces and found a great way to display them.

  6. Wonderful collection of glasses and I love to see your photos of them in this way. Sooo cool! There's a quilt in every one of those photos!


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