Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Using My New Macro Gadget

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a' macro gadget' from Amazon.ca
It arrived a few days ago and yesterday I tried it out in the garden.

It is an extension tube made by a company called Fotodiox.

The tube is made up of two mounts and three extension rings
which can be used separately or together,
depending on how close you want to get to subject.

These 'rings' are not lenses. You attach your regular lens to these rings
which are mounted on your camera.

It took a few minutes to adjust to this system 
and set my camera in 'manual mode' and shutter speed setting
and away I went!

Macro photography is an art in itself.
 It will take time to feel comfortable doing close-ups.

I can also see the advantage to using a tripod
 (a very small tripod)....when one is so close
to the subject it is surprising how much one shakes
which can affect the sharpness of the focus.

 Snowdrop (single).
So this new gadget worked better than I had anticipated.
I wasn't sure how it would be
and because it was much cheaper than a macro lens, $15,
I was very willing to chance it.

We have a good macro lens and I plan to compare the 'finished products'
over the next few days.

Now there won't be a rush to get the macro lens 
to capture all the new blooms this season.....
this new gadget does a pretty good job.

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