Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Using My New Macro Gadget

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a' macro gadget' from Amazon.ca
It arrived a few days ago and yesterday I tried it out in the garden.

It is an extension tube made by a company called Fotodiox.

The tube is made up of two mounts and three extension rings
which can be used separately or together,
depending on how close you want to get to subject.

These 'rings' are not lenses. You attach your regular lens to these rings
which are mounted on your camera.

It took a few minutes to adjust to this system 
and set my camera in 'manual mode' and shutter speed setting
and away I went!

Macro photography is an art in itself.
 It will take time to feel comfortable doing close-ups.

I can also see the advantage to using a tripod
 (a very small tripod)....when one is so close
to the subject it is surprising how much one shakes
which can affect the sharpness of the focus.

 Snowdrop (single).
So this new gadget worked better than I had anticipated.
I wasn't sure how it would be
and because it was much cheaper than a macro lens, $15,
I was very willing to chance it.

We have a good macro lens and I plan to compare the 'finished products'
over the next few days.

Now there won't be a rush to get the macro lens 
to capture all the new blooms this season.....
this new gadget does a pretty good job.


  1. Super macro photos Jim. I can see lots of photo shoots coming up. Cheers, Jean

  2. great photos. i haven't used my macro lens in quite a while. i better leave it in the closet or everyone will have to look at every single plant in my garden! it's about to snow here!

  3. Beautiful photos, Jim. My photography teacher really likes extension tubes, and highly recommends them. In fact, he says it's not necessary to spend so much money on a macro lens when these things do a great job. I've been looking into them, too, and will eventually pick some up. So have fun! And share lots of photos with us.

  4. Think the lens is great, Jim. Favorite shot is the one with the pollen on the spider web! Neat!

  5. Macro is fun and you are right, a small tripod and a 2 sec delay on the shutter helps

    the crocus and spider web strand is excellent, as is the three crocus shot

    I , myself, love capturing the small bugs that live in the flowers and greenery. Usually I don't see them until I get the image in my computer.

    I call them Bonus Bugs.

    Happy adventuring!

  6. The close-ups are so good, I can actually sniff the pollen. Back to the medicine cabinet!

  7. Great shots! I love the effect a macro shot can give, my camera has a macro setting but it isn't that good and I don't tend to use it. Flowers and wildlife are the best things to photograph with macro I think!
    Also, the latest post on my blog is dedicated in part to yourself, and other blogger friends who I have met since starting my blog :)

  8. I'm photographically illiterate so I will just enjoy the pretty flowers. (So if it's not a macro lens... then what is it).

    1. Hi Coop!
      Let me try to explain this then: instead of using an actual macro lens, someone invented/discovered/came up with a way to achieve the same effect as if you did use an actual macro lens.
      They figured out that adding space(s) between the camera body and any regular lens one could get a close-up image like that from a macro.
      Instead of using mirrors and glass lenses to do this, distance can produce the same effect....somehow!! I won't attempt to suggest I know the physics/science behind but it does work and kinda makes sense when you think about it.
      Hope that helps.....if not try googling it.

  9. I have a macro gadget, too - mine is actually a magnifier that goes on top of the lens. I haven't used it in awhile, but seeing your photos has given me the bug. I do love macros but dislike having to use the tripod. I'm trying not to be jealous of your spring blooms...

  10. PS I meant to tell you before that I like your "painted" header.

  11. Those shots are so beautiful. That's a great gadget.


  12. Your flower photos are gorgeous, Jim! What fun!
    I was trying to get a snap of a partial eclipse of the moon last night, but my camera wouldn't focus well. I could have dragged out my better camera, put it on my new tripod, and tried with that, but I was too tired. I crashed before the total eclipse happened. Oh well, three more eclipse of the moon coming up ~ Maybe I'll be more together next time!
    Your snowy owl shots were awesome! They are such magnificent birds. My great grandmother (in Smith's Cove) had a stuffed snowy owl in her front parlour from as early as I can remember. I'd rather it had escaped alive. The video was very interesting too. I can't imagine investigating thoughts for two months! Your PC posts are always through-provoking!
    Hope your week has gotten off to a great start!

  13. Your up-close gadget worked wonderfully. You bring the beauty of spring to life! Great photos.


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