Monday, April 14, 2014

Contemplative Monday

***I thought these different photos would be indicative of how thoughts
are constantly coming and going in our heads.

The following is from 'Heart Advice, Weekly Quotes From Pema Chodron'.


"When the thoughts arise it may occur to you to wonder where they come from.

Where do they come from? It seems as if they come from nowhere.

You're just faithfully following your breath....and Wham!'re in Hawaii surfing.

Where did it come from? And where does it go? Big drama, big drama's happening,
big, big, drama.

And it's 9:30 in the morning. 'Oooh. Wow! This is extremely heavy.'

A car horn honks, and suddenly you're not in that drama anymore,
 you're in another drama.

I was once instructed to meditate on thoughts.
 I investigated the nature of thought for two whole months.

I can tell you firsthand  that you can never find a thought.

There is nothing there of substance, but with our mind 
we make it an Extremely Big Deal."

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