Thursday, April 10, 2014

As The Crow Flies

Did you know that.......

.....crows living in suburban areas require only 10% of the nesting territory that crows
living in the wilderness do and that they build fake nests to fool predators?

.......that crows will crush an ant and rub it all over themselves 
like perfume because the formic acid in the ants helps 
ward off parasites and that this is called 'anting'?

........that pet crows give their owners names and this is identified
by a unique sound they make around people that they
would not otherwise make?

........that female crows mate for life, but male crows will cheat?

.....that crows can count to six?

......that crows will sunbathe for vitamin D?

......that crows have been observed chasing sparrows into buildings
in order to stun them. The result is sparrow for lunch.
They also pick on birds their own size.....and that mobbing crows
can seriously injure hawks. 

All this information was obtained at the following website:


  1. Is these facts as straight and true as the crow flies?? I do so like your new header. Cheers, Jean.

  2. We have many of them here and they can be real pests!. It's the one reason we don't grow corn.
    I think they send out a message "Jen and Bill have put seed down" then they line up in rows and eat every kernel we've planted.. Except for the males, they're to busy cheeting lol!

  3. Strangely, we don't see lots of crows here in Nebraska. I enjoyed learning more about them.

  4. No, I didn't know any of this. (Although the fact that the males cheat should be no surprise to anyone.)

  5. What a fabulous post. We don't have crows here in the canyon, but we have ravens. I have seen them mob hawks many time. Ravens keep the canyon clean. A few years ago a neighbor who looked after the donkey rescue the last year it was here, used ravens for target practice. All ravens left our immediate area and only now are they finally coming back. They, as well as crows, are highly intelligent birds as you have shown here. I loved the ants. I had no idea.

  6. well of course the male crows cheat.

  7. They are amazing birds. And one of my favourites. Great post, Jim!


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