Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

'Spring' is trying so hard to stay around......

Colourful dinner....

Foggy morning at the beach....

Workmen taking down tree at the park yesterday....

Sailors' war memorial at the Point Pleasant Park....

Weaving our way through the park trails....

Here's that crazy guy again!

A bench for four or more....

After Thursday's storm ....tree at the park.

First rest for Ron yesterday....

About the only 'spring colour' around here so far....

And his second rest....pacing it.

Plant at brother Dennis', it isn't Cannabis.

A container ship unloading.....


  1. Colour in each one, but Ron's face said it all, pacing?? Maybe a bit too far, and too fast.. Love that container ship, memories of the poem " Cargoes" by John Masefield. Hugs to all, Jean.

  2. Happy saturday! still looks pretty chilly there-I won't share then what gorgeous weather we are having here in the ozarks-but it's awesome-lol

  3. Good Morning! I have never seen a bench like that, reminiscent of the romantic two facing seats.
    Nice assortment of subject matter - I would starve on such a meager plate - it kind of tells you why I'm fat, huh? Have a great day!

  4. I like the bench. It looks like it's still pretty cold there. Have a cozy weekend!

  5. Yeah, who IS that crazy guy who keeps following you around?

  6. I love, love, love that picture of Ron and Sophie walking down that road. One of your best, I think, which is saying a lot as good as you are. I think it is the feeling, the love in the picture that speaks to my heart.

  7. It's awesome to see Ron being his zany self again!!!!! Loved this Saturday collection and last Saturday's. I'm afraid disco Gordon Light is a bit much to handle ~ I'll take the original please! And you can tell Miss SD that she can hide in the heather all she wants but Mr. Orangie looks like a beacon ~ she can't hold hiding him. Your Pema post on Monday was very interesting. My escape is workaholism ~ I'm retired and still struggling! LOL! My sister Donnie has three days of work left before she retires ~ she's worse than I am so this will be fun to do. Did you ever think you might be attracted to glass because you were warned to stay away from it? As for your mayflowers! How I miss their fragrance! We actually have blossoms in the cherry trees here ~ yah. But Barb is dealing with snow in Calgary. She is the stage manager for a production of "The Pirates of Penzance" at the Pump House Theatre in Calgary right now ~ two performances today, so she's got a lot on her plate ~ didn't need snow!!!!! Have a happy Sunday! You've, as always, had a great set of posts in recent days.

  8. That is a really cool bench!
    Glad to see Ron enjoying the day.

  9. We had about a week where I thought Spring had arrived, it was lovely weather, but now it is back to being miserable and grey again! I fear the British Summer has been and gone! Have a great Sunday Jim Ron and Sophie!

  10. Great photos, Jim! That dinner looks great. And that crazy guy is always around it seems. Wonder what he wants :)

  11. Nice to see the crazy guy once more!!
    Fate it would seem always puts him in your track....
    Dinner looked nice.
    Loved the memorial pic!!


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