Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

I feel very confident in saying that this past week was 
the last of winter!

We started the week with a 'new' walk along the Dartmouth waterfront:

Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth.

 Ron and Sophie 

View looking out to the mouth of Halifax Harbour.

I like puddles.

Sophie weaving in and out.....

The tracks along the water.

 Ron at the Park in Halifax.

Ice storm in the middle of the week.....


Not really....

Church in West Chezzetcook, down the shore road a bit.

Old green house.

Yesterday at MacDonald Hill......surfer on way up hill.

MAcDonald Hill looking towards Conrad's Beach to the northwest.

How's this? 'Geezsh! These guys embarrass me sometimes!!'

*****A shout out to Vicki Boster (click her name to check out her blog)
 for editing my photo on her iphone and sending a copy to me!
I used it as my new header!

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