Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

I feel very confident in saying that this past week was 
the last of winter!

We started the week with a 'new' walk along the Dartmouth waterfront:

Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth.

 Ron and Sophie 

View looking out to the mouth of Halifax Harbour.

I like puddles.

Sophie weaving in and out.....

The tracks along the water.

 Ron at the Park in Halifax.

Ice storm in the middle of the week.....


Not really....

Church in West Chezzetcook, down the shore road a bit.

Old green house.

Yesterday at MacDonald Hill......surfer on way up hill.

MAcDonald Hill looking towards Conrad's Beach to the northwest.

How's this? 'Geezsh! These guys embarrass me sometimes!!'

*****A shout out to Vicki Boster (click her name to check out her blog)
 for editing my photo on her iphone and sending a copy to me!
I used it as my new header!


  1. I love that old green house Jim...And oh my gosh that picture of Sophie is priceless :)

    1. Jen, Sophie is a real ham! She is so used to us clicking away at her that she 'strikes a pose' as soon as she sees us coming!! lol

  2. I LOVE that Old green house, too. Perfect for photographing. And Sophie looks like she's laughing in that last photo! LOL... Great round of photos, Jim. I always enjoy your Saturday morning posts.

    1. I'd love to get more photos of that house at different times of day. Hm-m-m.
      Thanks Martha.

  3. great Saturday photos Jim-loved them all

  4. Enjoyed wandering around Halifax/Dartmouth and area this morning through your photos. I always count on spring arriving by May 1st in Atlantic Canada. That way I'm on the safe side. haha At least it's raining this morning and not snowing. And the crocuses are in bloom here in Bedford. So all is not lost to winter.

    1. Hi. Bedford is always warmer than it is I recall from my working there for many years at the high school. Couldn't wait to return to the eastern shore where it is usually 5 degrees cooler.
      Our croci are just opening up.
      Come on May 1st!

  5. Oh Sophie ~~~~~~ YOU LOVE IT AND YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!


  6. Nice collection, Jim! How fun to find a "new" path along the Halifax Harbour! It's good to see Ron out and about! I have to say that that picture of the surfer at MacDonald Hill did not encourage me to want to go surfing there! Look at those rocks on the shore! And it looks cold too! I'm going to try surfing on Waikiki next March, but guaranteed I won't be trying it near MacDonald Hill! I hope that you are enjoying your day!

    1. Oh come on now, Louise! A little cold water is good for the spirit! lol It's even cold in August as you know.
      Ron is being very careful about how much 'out and about' he is doing....until he gets all his strength back.
      Having a good day here.

  7. Love the pictures (always do!). The green house and church are fabulous!!
    Love the puddle photo too.

    Yes-- it may be a mind game but I'm telling myself that winter is done for us both!


    1. Thanks Vicki! Thanks so much for 'apping' (is there such a word) that puddle photo.....LOVE IT!

  8. Replies
    1. I think she was a little bored with the whole thing Joyce....thus the YAWN!

  9. Always nice to have a new walking route!

    1. Yes it is, Debra. We will revisit this one soon.


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