Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Follow The Red-Brick Road?

I have mentioned a couple of times here that I have been collecting sea-tumbled bricks.

For the past couple of years I have been going to 'my secret stash'

in Halifax and taking them back home to the garden.

Since they can be heavy and have to be lugged
 in a knapsack all the way back to the car,

a few at a time, it has taken a while to accumulate a few.

I started in this area last year and got back at it last weekend
with Sophie supervising!

I love how they are beginning to look and I think I have found
the right kind of sand/gravel mix to hold them in place.

I really like to do this kind of thing. It is a labour of love I guess.

It is a pretty big area (wherever you see gray gravel) to cover.

And I have a ways to go...as you can see behind me here.

But hey! Am I in a rush? No I am not. This week I will return
to my 'hidden stash' and bring home a few more.

The bricks are much like tumbled sea-glass.....
smooth around the edges and all different shapes.

This is the area in the backyard garden being done with the brick.
I have just a small part done and will need a lot more of these bricks.
Hey maybe I could hire a fit team of some sort to fill up the trunk
of the car some day.......hm-m-m.
Or maybe not, just moving ahead a little bit at a time as needed.

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