Friday, April 4, 2014

The Last Remnants Of Winter....... he said crossing his fingers

My friend Sharon in Tennessee was saying yesterday that the heat there 
was starting to get a little unbearable 
and that she was looking forward to some relief over the weekend.

Just the opposite here with us. We are so looking forward to it warming up
a little 6 C or 42.8 F.

These photos were all taken on Wednesday at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax...
.it was -2 C or 28.4 F.

I am not complaining......I just think a little warmth would be nice for a change.

Winter photography is very different from the other seasons.
I find it to be more quiet, having better contrasts and cleaner images.

As we are very near to bidding this winter a fond farewell,
I will miss the fresh air and all those brisk walks,
but also look forward to the warm breezes down on the beaches.

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