Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Spring everywhere this week!

Arriving at the beach last Saturday morning.

Studying the surf before going in.

One of my favourite views along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia......
at Lawrencetown Beach.

Sophie resting with her fav, Pinky.

It's own little 'world'......lichen colony.

Ron at the beach zeroing in on the Snowy Owl last weekend.

Yes, it IS spring!

Time to go.

'Surfer dog' waiting patiently.

This guy kept waving to me! So I took his picture!

Maybe this time they won't see me.....

All my dad's want to do is take photos! So I'll dig for a while.

Railway sign

When I think of Easter, I think of colour.

Up close to Hummingbird ornament in garden.


  1. Happy Saturday to all of you! and welcome in spring!

  2. Great photos, Jim! So much fun. Sophie looks adorable the way she's resting. And digging! That guy waving at you? Be careful. He looks like a stalker who may end up following you home :)

    Happy Saturday to all of you...even the stalker!

  3. Happy to hear that spring has arrived! I like the colorful geometric shot and the lichen!

  4. Still doesn't look all that warm there, at least in those photos.

  5. Your beach looks so amazing and beautiful! My beach has quite high cliffs so there isn't a road like yours where you can see the sea/ocean on the same level. I wish I had learnt how to surf in my 'younger days' of course I'm only 22 but I do feel like a grandma most of the time! Around Christmas time my town in England got badly flooded after a tidal surge from the sea, it was strange because it's only the North Sea so things like that don't often happen to us, we are usually quite safe from harm but it was quite devastating for the town and a lot of homes and businesses got seriously damaged. Does that road close to the water ever have to get closed off due to high tide?

  6. Jim- the surf photos are just beautiful-- but they sure look like it's cold there!! I think you guys are blessed with some of the most visually stunning landscapes where you live.

    Happy Easter--

  7. You pulled a beautiful rainbow from your surroundings, Jim. Even Sophie's cushions and toys got into the act. That fellow waving.. I thought Martha said it best :)


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