Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'll Take The High Road and You'll Take The Low Road......

It really was spring here yesterday....+16C, sunny skies and warmish breezes.

We went to the park in Halifax and, has been our routine of late,
in which Ron is gradually increasing his walking on flat trails,
we agreed to meet at a certain spot because Sophie 
is not permitted on the lower path which is flat.
 So Sophie and I headed up to the higher level trail.

That is Ron on the 'low road'
 and you can imagine, maybe, how Sophie felt about all this.
She had her eye on him for a few seconds and off she went to join him!
And since dogs are not allowed down there, he sent her back up to me.

Further along Ron is waving to us.

Here is a song that both of our maternal grandmothers loved
(both being as Scottish as anyone could be)
and may be familiar to some of you too.

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