Monday, April 21, 2014

Contemplative Monday

The following quote/lesson is from 'Heart Advice, Weekly Quotes By Pema Chodron'.


"Many of our escapes are involuntary: addiction and
dissociating from painful feelings are two examples.
Anyone who has worked with a strong addiction-----
compulsive eating, compulsive sex, abuse of substances,
explosive anger, or any other behavior that's out of control-----
knows that when the urge comes on it's irresistible.

The seduction is too strong.
So we train again and again in less highly charged situations
in which the urge is present but not so overwhelming.

By training with everyday irritations, we develop the knack of refraining
when the going gets rough.

It takes patience and an understanding of how we're hurting ourselves
not to continue taking the same old escape route of speaking or acting out."


  1. Words so true. Yes, Jim I did have my " GTN" but had used it to the max!!! Just too hard a walk with very steep steps, lots of boulders to clamber over, and at the end when we came back, almost too hard. Never mind, all ended OK. My High School, just an ordinary public one , not Catholic, the girls in darker uniforms, and the girls in grey tunics but their blouses had HUGE collars, they had gone to a different college the previous year, we were all in our second year at High School. Most of us had parents who were on farms, and the difference between us and what we called the " Town Girls", they had bought uniforms, and more blouses all year round. for the most of us, our Mum's sewed most of the uniforms. Yes ,happy days, no drugs, no murders, I had my driving license 2 weeks after I was 15!!! Couldn't legally get it that birthday week, as I was not supposed to be on the road prior to that . All so different now. I cannot remember what I had in those coat pockets, looks like I carried way too much that day. Hugs to all at your place, Jean.

  2. Much food for thought here today, Jim. Thanks.

  3. A good lesson here, and lovely images.

  4. Just thinking
    How's your dad jimbo?

    1. We visited with him today John. He is getting over a very bad chest cold and feeling a lot better. He is very alert and has all his faculties intact! He will be 98 in June and in pretty good shape. He can use a 'walker' but mostly is in a wheelchair which he pushes around/along.
      Thanks for asking John.

  5. Good stuff today, Jim. A great way to start the week!

  6. I try to come back in the evening, to see if you left me a comment - how odd, I forgot to leave one for you! My latest involuntary "escape" appears to be granny naps, and yes, I know that is not what the post is about. Sleep well!

  7. I just love the pictures. I guess it is a bit late for me to delve into the words.

    1. Never too late Inger for as long as we are still breathing.

  8. Thank you for sharing your very wise words. I joke about photography being an addiction for me (as recent as yesterday's post) but, while I say that, I, at the same time, know all too well that addictions are no joking matter. They are heartbreaking, relationship-breaking, finance-breaking and they happen to the very best of people. People we dearly love. I have reread your post several times.


Hey, I really like your comments and appreciate the time you took to do so.

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